4 year service followed by annual?

4 year service followed by annual?

Hi - it's not very clear from the description and I was stupid enough not to ask earlier today when I was at the Tesla factory...

The service plans listed are 4, or 4+4 (ignoring the ranger service). But is it possible to do, say, 4 and then afterwards fall back to the annual $600 per year/12000 miles?

bp | May 7, 2013

The $600 per year is a la carte pricing - for when owners not under the service plan. So when the 4 year plan (or 50K miles) is over, you pay the standard a la carte rates for service ($600 for the annual inspection).

lnxcar | May 7, 2013

ok thanks for confirming @bp!

Cattledog | May 7, 2013

You'll probably have to pay the going rate. $600/tr. is what you get if you buy 4 years up front. Wouldn't be surprised if it cost more in 2017.