40's and Status Changes on 3/26/2013 (just the facts, please don't clutter with speculations)

40's and Status Changes on 3/26/2013 (just the facts, please don't clutter with speculations)

On 3/26/2013 the status of my 40kwh Model S changed from something like "order submitted to factory" to "factory is building your Model S". Did this happen to every 40 buyer who has signed an MVPA, or just to those with a specific set of configuration options. Please post your configuration and indicate if your status also changed on 3/26/2013 as described above.

mine: 40kwh, green, pano, 19", air susp, textile
status changed on 3/26/2013

Best regards to everyone!

hikerockies | March 27, 2013

Mine changed too on 3/26.

40kWH, solid white, pano, tech, 19", air suspension, grey leather

Chuck Lusin | March 27, 2013

Most think that it was just a change to the way the TM web page displays that information. It changed last week and then changed back again. Also see here:

Plus no EPA rating for the 40 yet.

eAdopter | March 27, 2013

Again, let's please resist speculation. Please limit posts to your 40 configuration and status as described.

Garth | March 27, 2013

Same status change for mine - 40KwH, green/grey, pano, 19", air

It would be nice if that meant something.

Vevans2 | March 27, 2013

40KWH, black, pano, 19', standard air 10360 status changed and is now back to factory is building your Model S

Brian H | March 27, 2013

Just TM fiddling with the wording.

eAdopter | March 27, 2013

@vevans2 Is yours air or standard suspension?

cmeyers | March 27, 2013

Mine changed and because the 26th was my birthday I decided to call Tesla (I was looking for some good news). The person on the phone indicated that the records showed that on the 25th the factory had "accepted" the order (I think those are the words he used).

It still doesn't mean much other then it is no longer possible to change the build configuration without an act of god (Elon). Oops that last sentence might have been speculation from me.

MS-lover | March 27, 2013

this week the status of my 40kwh Model S changed "order sent to factory" to "factory is building your Model S". Reservation Confirmation Number
Reservation done one week ago. Paper work signed over weekend for the order

mdemetri | March 27, 2013

For what its worth, after I finalized my P85 I only saw the "factory is building your Model S". I never saw "order sent to factory". When I called shortly after seeing the "factory is building your Model S", I was told that my car was scheduled to build in 4-6 weeks. So my "speculation" is that this means that the 40's have been scheduled for building on a specific date. Good news.

georgevet | March 28, 2013

Mine changed as well.
40KwH, 19s, pano, brown
Tech, air suspension, tan leather, obeche wood matte, shelf.

- George V p3056 (reserved 2/2011)

eAdopter | March 28, 2013

There's not a lot of input from 40 MVPA signers, but there does seem to be a pattern based on what we have so far.

1. No one with a standard suspension indicated a status change.
2. People who indicated a status change share some common items:
40 kwh (of course)
air suspension
pano roof
19" wheels

I don't want to become too optimistic, but the last TM communication to early reservation holders (like me) was to expect delivery in late April or early May (depending on location). As of today, TM has given me no reason to think this won't happen. My e-mail exchange with TM on 3/26 also indicated no change to this delivery window. And all of this alligns with statements TM made more recently regarding battery development in March, and builds beginning in April. I'm cautiously optimistic the status change has some meaning and the schedule will hold.

Thanks to all 40 buyers for their input. Best regards!!!

rebeccap88 | March 28, 2013

Did this status fluctuation only happen to the 40 reservations? So far that's all I've heard.

eAdopter | March 28, 2013

Hi Rebecca,
First, it looks like you and I had a similar idea on 3/26 and created two threads at the same time. Sorry about that.
I didn't ask about other battery sizes for a few reasons. Primarily, we already know the 60's and 85's are being delivered. I think news of their status change would only confuse the thread and add too many contributors. I wanted to focus on 40's to see if we could identify any trends.
As you probably know, 40 status for some people changed several times recently:

after signing the MVPA in 2012 mine was
"building your Model S" which we know was false

then in March it changed to
"order submitted to factory" which made sense and was more accurate

then on 3/26
"building your Model S" came back and aligns with what TM said in February

So I was trying to determine if the last status change was real, or just a change to the wording like we saw last time. I'm still not 100% sure, but today more optimistic than last week. Thank you for your input!

By the way, I'm in WA.

ohtag | March 28, 2013

When the status for enter production in section of this website changes from spring 2013 to in production start expecting to see your emails with VIN No, delivery dates etc... a few days after the 60 changed status I got my email from them

bkearns123 | March 28, 2013

Mine changed as well.
#3291. 40kwh, pano, tech, air. Silver. Reserved 3/2011.

Will_ | March 28, 2013

I got a status change as well. Mine should be last off the line though. It is a 40kwh, std suspension, Red.....

rebeccap88 | March 28, 2013

Hi E! I'm in TX. I was actually glad to see your post because mine pretty much died with the speculation...
You're asking a better question to get to what I was really wondering. I'm optimistic that the 40s have entered production as well!
I asked the question above, though, because I'm wondering if ALL new orders see the "order submitted to factory" message initially from now on. If all pre-existing orders saw the same changes that would be more of an indication that the admins were just tinkering with the site instead of the existing 40 holders entering the next stage.
It's sad little changes like this get us stirred up because we know we won't hear anything until right before delivery. I'm humbled by those who've waited years. You guys are saints.

ramtaz | March 28, 2013

Status changed from order submitted to building your tesla.
40,white,pano,tan leather ,tech,sound,std suspension,shelf

murraypetera | April 2, 2013

Just to perk your speculations my buttons vanished today.

ramtaz | April 2, 2013

View Design and red Service buttons are gone.
I guess Tesla is waiting for 40s to call and make a choice.
My upgrade will cost $12K , total $81020, that includes the new pricing
and options.(before $7500 fed tax credit)
I made my choice when I selected the 40.
I will stay within my budget $66520 and wait three months for the car.

eAdopter | April 2, 2013

I mentioned this in a different thread, but 40's (I'll still call them that for now) began to roll off the line last week. Of course, the first cars are for testing, and we can expect more good news in a week or two. I have a reliable source at TM and will keep you posted, but can't say too much. I'll be very surprised if the first 40 delivery doesn't occur in April at the TM factory.
I'm also very please with the 40/60 battery decision. I think it adds a LOT of value to the 40 because we have options to choose, both now and/or later: Upgrade to 60, Super Charger, lower purchase/annual taxes, without having to pay anything unless we want something different. Even future owners will be allowed to choose the upgrade options. Very nice.
I also suspect the quality of cars produced today has improved now that the factory has matured. I never thought I'd say this, but it may have been worth the wait.
PLEASE POST YOUR 40 VIN WHEN AVAILABLE. I can't wait to see who's first.

Best regards!!!

eAdopter | April 5, 2013

Dang! I don't know if this is true for all "40" buyers, but the scheduled completion date for MY car is June 10 (actual schedule, not an estimate). Then shipping could take another week or two. This means 2+ additional months of waiting, but at least I now know the date and can plan for it.
It makes sense that TM first needs to produce the more profitable cars. Apparently the "40" cars produced in late March were only for testing.

Happy Friday!!! | April 6, 2013

I called them on Monday to find out what they heck was going on with my order and they told me mines was to be completed the 2nd week of May.

resevered 11/12
40/pano/19's/sound/tech/std susp

eAdopter | April 6, 2013

Ricardo, when did you sign the MVPA? Mine was signed 12/9 the first time, then again in late February when I changed the color. The later signing may have put me toward the end of the queue.

If you call again, ask them to look at your order in their system. There's a field in their system call EOL (stands for End Of Line date) that indicates the scheduled completion date.

I wonder if they're spreading "40" completions over a couple of months so they have a minor affect on profits.

mbergman | April 6, 2013

Just got off the phone with Tesla. I was told mid-May for production of my car. Mvpa signed 8/4 or thereabouts.

eAdopter | April 6, 2013

mbergman, did they specifically quote the EOL date or was mid-May just an estimate?

If you were quoted the EOL date, it looks like I may have pressed the "60 day reset" button when I changed colors. Well, what's another month after waiting two years ;)

Considering the price and options for future battery/SC upgrades, we 40's may have obtained one of the best deals TM will ever offer. It makes the wait less painful.

Just curious, have any other 40 buyers been considering how to test the "40-limited" range? I wonder how far into negative numbers we'll be able to drive. Will it really stop at the "limited" range? Hmmm.

mbergman | April 6, 2013

eAdopter, no eol date, just estimate. Will email a rep this weekend and try to get it.

Why do you think you may have "pressed a 60 day reset button"? I signed my mvpa 4 months before you, and your car is scheduled for production 1 month after mine.

Seems the easiest way for Tesla to limit the range (and the one least likely to include software bugs), would be to enable a max charge to 40kwh, so there would be no possibility of driving into negative numbers.

This also would be healthiest, I believe, for the battery. We'll see.

Brian H | April 6, 2013

It's likely not the driving that's limited, but the original charge level. And you can't spend electrons that just aren't there.

eAdopter | April 7, 2013

mbergman, Sorry, I mistakenly thought you signed the MVPA in early December. I look forward to seeing your EOL date. I could be wrong, but still think it's possible some deliveries may start in late April. I'll cross my fingers for you and the others.

Regarding the 40 range limit and how TM will implement it, I'm not qualified to speculate. The questions below have me wondering if the technique may be "charge battery to 60, stop car at 20". As a software developer, I think I'd choose a simple approach if one's available.

Does anyone know if 0-60 performance is reduced as the battery charge decreases, or is it constant? If 0-60 performance is reduced as the charge decreases, then how would the 0-60 times for a 40 and 60 be the same?

It seems that 0-60 performance would be reduced for a 40 if it was starting from a lower charge level, but 0-60 performance is the same for both cars.

Apparently I have too much time to ponder these things while we wait, and wait, and wait for our cars :)

Other ideas on how TM will limit 40 range?

Mark K | April 7, 2013

The cell impedance is pretty stiff down to about 10 or 20% charge, so the performance is pretty consistent if you stay above 20%.

Life is optimized if you stay away from the extremes - both full and empty.

As a rough guess, they'd probably want to use the middle 40 kWh of the 60 total. Effectively, they'd try to stay between 10-50 KWh of charge.

Longhorn92 | April 7, 2013

Who knows if it's accurate, but when I called to reconfirm my 40 kWh last week (i.e. no upgrade), I asked about this, and the Tesla rep seemed fairly confident that the battery would charge completely with the bottom 20 kWh unusable. Hopefully, they will tell us before (or when) we get our cars.

eAdopter | April 7, 2013

Thanks Mark and Longhorn. Both ideas make sense. I encourage all 40 buyers to call TM to see if a specific EOL date is in the system yet. I'm not sure if the staff at the TM call center have access, but the staff at your local/nearest service center do. Again, ask if an EOL date is in the system for your specific car, not just an estimated date whiich could vary depending on who you speak with.

Foxy Momma | April 7, 2013

I was at the Tesla store on Wesdesday inquiring about a date for my 40 kwh. I was told there were a lot of "notes" on my order but no dates anywhere.

chicagoniner | April 7, 2013

I think they'll have to allow slightly more than 40kwh to compensate for the weight of the 60 vs the expected weight of the 40

Joel N. Weber II | April 13, 2013

Am I remembering correctly that the plan for the RAV4 EV was for it to use the same battery cell type as the 40 kwh Model S? If so, does Tesla's change to not build cars with the originally planned cell mean that Toyota will change which cell they're using?

eAdopter | April 14, 2013

Good question. As I recall, Tesla scrapped the 40 concept due to low performance not good enough for a Model S. Toyota likely has different (lower) needs or expectations for a RAV4.