And on the way home from the factory yesterday. . .

And on the way home from the factory yesterday. . .

I'm a recovering Electronaut but saw the light and got #33332 yesterday! Hubby flew up with our 8 and 10 yr old boys and one of their friends to do the tour and drive back to LA on the supercharger network. While cruising along, a tire/wheel came bouncing end over end down the middle of the lane on I5 . . . cringe. . .it layed down right as he centered it and drove right over it going about 75. Ouch! Less than 200 miles on it. Nobody hurt. He was able to tear off the wrecked plastic thing under the front end and keep driving. Diagnotics said it was good, made it to LA. I haven't even been able to drive MY car. . . it's healing now at the SC in Torrance. $4K to the underside but no body damage, more labor than parts. One week to fix it. I knew I could probably find some sympathy here. . .

Mathew98 | March 20, 2014

Whoa. Congrats and sorry? At least the family is safe and sound.

Is the damage covered by insurance?

Pricee2 | March 20, 2014


Pricee2 | March 20, 2014

Glad you are OK>

JulsinLA | March 20, 2014

Will find out about insurance in the morning. My insurance agent said as long as the debris is "flying" and not something you can avoid it should be covered under comprehensive.

No photos. You wouldn't know anything was wrong from looking at the outside. Everything was just a little jiggly.

billbaggy | March 20, 2014

I just got mine back after a month in the shop for some repairs for body damage. As difficult as having to delay one more week to get it, it's worse having it and then taking it away for a period of time like that. Still, that is little comfort to you at the moment. I do feel for you, though. But when you do finally get it, it'll be worth the wait.

Nirvana | March 20, 2014

Wow - really sorry. I'm just over 200 miles now - can't imagine having it in the shop due to a freak occurrence like that right now. You'll be grinning soon though. Just think, you get the excitement of delivery twice in about a week's time!

amitb00 | March 21, 2014

Sorry to hear. It will get well soon.

sbeggs | March 21, 2014

@JulsinLA, what a helpless feeling to have no possibility to avoid running over it. Even with the tank-like Model S. Here around San Diego freeways, I have seen (smack in the middle of the lane) recliner chairs, mattresses, buckets (which I ran into and had to pull the Lincoln over to the side due to one being caught in undercarriage), a ladder, tires. etc.

Have now become somewhat paranoid and often change lanes to avoid driving behind open small trucks loaded with household goods. Whatever they're using to tie up the loads is not enough.

Captain_Zap | March 21, 2014

Oy. My heart sunk when I read your post.
That would be like Santa missing your house!
I hope things heal up soon.

ElecTim | March 21, 2014

I had the pleasure of meeting your husband, sons and friend shortly after the accident at the Tejon Supercharger. I chatted with your husband about the charging system ( and "normal sounds"), checked for leaks and obvious external damage and confirmed that Tesla had already remotely verified that all systems were working properly. So sorry for the car trauma but very glad to hear they made it home with no additional problems! You'll love your car after it's short stay in rehab!

huzz1970 | March 21, 2014

Glad to hear that everyone is OK- this is the first thing. The car can be fixed. Bummer.
I find that I am driving the Tesla with more awareness than in my other car. Not sure of why yet. Here in AZ we have to watch for tires coming apart- especially in the summer. They actually have special trucks that clean up on the highways at night. Good luck with the car when it gets out of the "hospital"!

NKYTA | March 21, 2014

@sbeggs "Have now become somewhat paranoid and often change lanes to avoid driving behind open small trucks loaded with household goods."

Indeed, me too!

Don't forget trucks hauling dirt/gravel too, because, ya know, we've got that soft CA paint. ;-)

sbeggs | March 21, 2014

@NKYTA, good point! I'll add those trucks hauling dirt to my list of vehicles to move away from, using blue S85 warp drive!

Mathew98 | March 21, 2014

I make it a point not to follow anything larger than the size of an SUV (including minivan). How exactly can you see forward if you're behind one of those tanks?

holidayday | March 21, 2014

Glad you are okay! Hope the car recovers soon.

"Today's road obstacle is brought to you by. . . Goodyear!"

GeekEV | March 21, 2014

Wait, what? You hit something in the road, damaged the underbelly of the car and it DIDN'T catch fire? :-o

judimasters | March 21, 2014

Just remember folks ... Deminished Value Claim!

TMS Doc | March 21, 2014

Good point GeekEV. No fire! A friend of mine ran over a large pipe on the 405 and was able to get it fixed.

So Telsa, does not having the car go into low at speed really reduce the risk of anything?

Brian H | March 21, 2014

Elon stated the height change was not for safety reasons.

JulsinLA | March 21, 2014

@Tim: thanks for the calming measure. He told me about meeting you and said, "tesla people are just cool."

On the bright side 1) I have accepted the fact I'm rolling in a Chevy Cruz for the next week, 2) insurance will indeed cover it and 3) we can spend $4K on TSLA.

Thanks all - will check back in after I get to actually drive it!

Cattledog | March 21, 2014

JulsinLA - BTW, even though it may not matter this time, I would also question 'My insurance agent said as long as the debris is "flying" and not something you can avoid it should be covered under comprehensive.'

30 years ago I was on an LA freeway and the pickup truck in front of me dumped a box spring. I swerved and the car passing me on my left clipped my left-rear. We both spun around at 65 MPH, pulled over, all OK. Truck -box spring just sped on.

When the police arrived, he said it was my fault for leaving my lane. I asked what I should have done given no time to stop and he said, 'drive over it'. So I would think running over a stationary object would be covered - perhaps it just has to do with whether it's under comprehensive.

JulsinLA | March 21, 2014

@cattledog: we have a 16 week red acd, btw. A CHP officer explained that if there is a stationary object and you hit it, you are considered to be driving at "unsafe speed for conditions". Theoretically you should have enough space in front of you to stop (like rear ending another car). The insurance agent had a similar explanation and said if was a stationary object and we hit it we could file under collision but our rates would be impacted because the determination of fault would be ours. I don't know if it works that way in all states or with all insurance companies.. . . But those are the lines we got.