Any chargers in Winston-Salem, NC?

Any chargers in Winston-Salem, NC?

My P85 comes tomorrow. I live in Raleigh, but work in WS. Recargo only shows the Nissan dealership.

Any ideas?

Earl and Nagin ... | March 16, 2013

Look at and There's no website with 100% coverage although recargo tends to be the best IMHO.
There certainly aren't many in your area but there are a few.

KendallPB | March 16, 2013

Also look at,,,, chargepoint, blink,, KOA...lots of places to check. ChargePoint and/or Blink list other stations, not just their own.

Good luck! It may just not be a good area for EV charging, though. ;-(

Have you looked into charging at work? Even a 110 outlet would, if you have an 8-hour work day, get you back roughly 30+ miles. Probably you've already investigated and it's not feasible, but I figured I'd mention just in case.

trydesky | March 16, 2013

Hi JAYBOY, I live in apex. Got my MS on superbowl sunday.

While I don't know any specifics about Winston Salem, be sure to check out the public buildings/parking lots.

NC is trying to get ready for PEVs. Check out:

I attended their quarterly meeting on 3/13, and they really want to see PEVs succeed.