Any concern going over speed bumps?

Any concern going over speed bumps?

My neighborhood seems to have somewhat tall speed bumps and since the battery pack is at the bottom of the car I was wondering what type of protection is in the car to prevent damage. Does anyone have concerns/experience with things scraping the bottom?

bbmertz | February 16, 2013

I consciously drive my MS more slowly over speed bumps to avoid scratching the front fender and bottom of the car. That being said, I haven't had any problems yet and just manually raise the air suspension whenever I encounter unusually high bumps.

FYI, I try to avoid the temptation to manually raise the suspension when parking in a spot with those cement blocks/bumpers out of fear that I will rip the bumper off the car if I forget to raise it again when backing out.

smd | February 16, 2013

I have 3 speed bumps on the driveway into my work parking lot. I haven't had any problems going about 15 mph and not changing the suspension at all, so I believe it's in standard.

david | February 16, 2013

Bottom Scraping: A peak under the car reveals long, front-to-back rails to protect the battery pack. I scraped once on a very steep driveway hump, but did no dammage.

Speed Bumps: With the active air suspension, the car handles speed bumps exceptionally well. Just glids over them smoother than any car I've driven.

Hills | February 16, 2013

better than most other cars.

Brian H | February 16, 2013

so you're free/able to speed in speedbump zone? The fuzz will be so pleased to meet you! ;)

drp | February 16, 2013


Great question. I've been thinking he same. I guess I will always raise the car. | February 16, 2013

No problems. No height adjuestment needed

GoTeslaChicago | February 16, 2013

I drive over lots of speed bumps everyday. I slow down enough to not get a big jolt, but no more than necessary. Everything is fine.

PS if you loan me your car, I'll take a chance to see what happens if I don't slow down. :)

jackhub | February 16, 2013

I have speed bumps in all directtions when i leave home. I drive no differently than I did with my Buick. Vin 3059

GLO | February 16, 2013

I go slowly and have yet to "bottom out on the bump"

torst1 | February 16, 2013

No problem I am sure.
I used to drive a Merc with airsuspension, and I had the E class lowered by a danish digital voodoo priest. Even in the lowest setting I had no problems with speedbumps, and the tuning made it significant lower then standard.

Sure Tesla has made an every day vehicle her, that tackles speed bumps great with the air struts.

HansJ | February 16, 2013

Never had a problem on speed bumps but the huge roadside ditch at the back entrance to Fry's in Palo Alto (on Park Blvd) managed to scrape the underside of my new baby. I mention this only because so many Model S owners are in Silicon Valley (and are also likely to go to Fry's).

KendallPB | February 16, 2013

@bbmertz: How long does it take to raise it in this circumstance; I thought it was kinda slow to raise/lower. Do you have to stop and wait, or if you just tap the 'raise' button, say, 1/10th of a mile or whatever, does it go pretty quickly? Do you hit it just before the bump--is it that quick?

(I hear what y'all are saying about no problems, but I want to be prepared if I find one of those monster bumps. I know a few areas with crazy bumps that are unusually high and narrow.)

jat | February 16, 2013

No problem with speedbumps - I can take them faster with less jostling than previous cars, and I don't have to raise the suspension.

Robert22 | February 16, 2013

The car can be raised while moving, but the speed of ascension is dependent on road surface condition. While driving in last weeks blizzard, I tried to raise the car before encountering poorly-plowed areas. If the road surface was irregular, in this case due to patches of raised ice and snow, the indicator would spin for minutes but the car wouldn't lock into a new height until the tires were on an unchanging surface. Once I hit black pavement the car quickly achieved the selected height in less than 15 seconds. I'm sure others can speak to it, but there must be an electronic leveling feature that is disrupted when each tire is on a rapidly changing and/ or different surface.

Brian H | February 17, 2013

Needs perhaps a few pre-set raise options. "Curb", "Snow", "Ruts", etc.

jat | February 17, 2013

@Robert22 - you wouldn't want the suspension changing when you needed to maneuver the car hard, so I suspect it waits for a quiet time to make the change.

KendallPB | February 17, 2013

@Robert22: Thanks, that's very helpful!

jyotin_dixit | February 20, 2013

Thanks all!