Anyone receive a car without the Tech Package yet?

Anyone receive a car without the Tech Package yet?

If you have received a car without the Tech Package would you mind posting what kind of navigation system, if any, came with your car?

Tesla has said that without Tech there will be no GPS and the only "navigation" would be via static Google maps on the web browser (i.e. route guidance, not navigation). A recent report from someone about to configure, however, suggested that he was told non-Tech cars might come with Google maps with a GPS car location pointer on the 17" screen like on the Tech cars, but without the Navigon style turn-by-turn navigation in front of the driver. I'm trying to determine the truth of the matter.

It would also be interesting to hear your comments on the standard definition rear view camera. Thanks.

BigTex | December 26, 2012

What about punching an address in to Google using the web browser? Should give you a written turn by turn, right?

stevenmaifert | December 27, 2012

@BigTex - Yes it does. The "Get Directions" function on the browser based Google maps works just like it does on any other Web enabled device. Since you can have two apps open at the same time on the touch screen, you could have the Maps app open to show your current location and the Web app open with the route drawn between A and B along with the written TBT directions. Because of the distraction factor, I wouldn't do this to navigate flying solo, but if you had a co-pilot along, it should be fine.

Amped | January 1, 2013

think I remember reading in the manual that you get memory seats only with leather.

Bradtc | January 2, 2013

Thanks for your input - this is a super informative thread, as I am on the brink of deciding in the next week or so to finallize my order. Can you please tell me if any of the following map websites provide directions? They should be html5 compatible and able to show your GPS location. Thanks in advance.

Desai | January 2, 2013

@Bradtc: I don't have my Tesla Model S yet (P8460) but I know tha the browser doesn't support GPS (geolocate) at the moment. Therefore, these web apps will not function unless Tesla enables this feature in the browser.

Bradtc | January 2, 2013

Perhaps you didn't read steven's note above that it does show his gps position in the google map, just not turn by turn directions. So, these map websites should show his position. It just depends upon they generate turn by turn directions. If it did that I don't need the tech package. Depending upon the coding of the website, HTML5 browsers are capable of gps coordinates, it is just whether somebody also writes the directions into the code.

Robert22 | January 2, 2013

Flash and HTML5 are disabled in the browser. Apparently these were nixed to get the 5-star safety feature.

DouglasR | January 3, 2013

@Bradtc, I believe the google map steven was talking about is the one that appears when you tap the "Nav" app. I'll check tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure that the google map in your car's browser does not show your location. "Nav" and "Browser" are two different apps.

stevenmaifert | January 3, 2013

@Bradtc - I tried all the Websites you listed. The browser didn't like the Website and wouldn't bring it up. The others came up, provided written TBT directions, but the current location pointer did not display on the map. There apparently is no GPS inteface enabled with the browser, only the seperate Maps app.

archibaldcrane | January 3, 2013

Steven - so does your screen have a "navigate" button - or how does this work? Is your "navigate" button now a "maps" button, and that's where it shows your GPS position - but you can't make it draw routes on that map?

I tried asking 3 different reps at the Topanga store but they had no idea what I was talking about with the GPS showing a position on a map in non-tech package.

Any chance you could shoot a quick cell phone video just showing us non-tech-ites what the interface looks like? That would be awesome and extremely helpful.

archibaldcrane | January 3, 2013

Erm, sorry you did make that clear last page - it's Map, not Nav, and that's where it draws the GPS position. Thanks for answering all these questions!

(and yeah a cell phone video would be awesome still lol) :)

stevenmaifert | January 3, 2013

@archibaldcrane - The icon on the APPS bar is the same as with the Tech package, but labeled Maps instead of Nav. The Google Maps presentation on the screen is the same as with the Tech package, with the current location pointer in the center of the map that tracks along your path of travel as you drive, just like the Tech package. What's missing is any option for the app to guide you from point A to point B, or draw the route on the map. There is no map data displayed on the instrument panel.

Two things I haven't mentioned before is the map screen has buttons to switch between a satellite view map and a 2D drawn map, and also to turn on or off Google traffic. The default is satellite map and traffic on. The traffic feature doesn't provide any written alerts, but does draw a green, yellow or red outline along freeway routes from data obtained, presumably, from the speed sensors in the roadway. I'm also presuming the Tech package Nav will do this too.

Volker.Berlin | January 3, 2013

The traffic feature doesn't provide any written alerts, but does draw a green, yellow or red outline along freeway routes from data obtained, presumably, from the speed sensors in the roadway. (stevenmaifert)

Not exactly. Data is from other Google Maps users, such as yourself:

BigTex | January 3, 2013

@steven- thanks for all the continued info- it's really great! Here's another question for you- in our current car I can have my iPhone 5 plugged into the car via the iPhone port and since the 5 has voice turn by turn directions on it, those directions play through the car speakers (found out by accident). Is this possible with the S? I don't know if all of the info gets transferred via the USB port or the bluetooth option in the S... Thanks in advance!

Brian H | January 3, 2013

Have you examined the Cinergi videos? Some fairly extensive footage of the navigation and maps there.

stevenmaifert | January 3, 2013

Can anyone comment on the question from BigTex? I don't have a smart phone to see if it works.

DouglasR | January 3, 2013

I'll try it tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure it will work. On my Ford, anything that plays through the speakers on the phone will play through the speakers on the car via Bluetooth.

Stu Hood | January 10, 2013

I received a non-tech-package Model S today, and can answer this one (for my phone at least):

since the 5 has voice turn by turn directions on it, those directions play through the car speakers (found out by accident). Is this possible with the S? I don't know if all of the info gets transferred via the USB port or the bluetooth option in the S... Thanks in advance!

Using bluetooth with an Android phone (Galaxy Nexus), ALL audio from the phone (including the phone's turn-by-turn nav AND music) are played through the car stereo... it's a lot like the car is plugged straight into the audio jack of the phone.

One downside is that when bluetooth audio is coming in from the phone, it can't be mixed with the car's streaming radio: ie, either you phone is navigating and playing music OR the car's streaming radio is playing. Due to this fact, I'm ever-so-slightly regretting skipping the tech package... I hope that the S's navigation is eventually sold as a software update independent of the hardware that comes in the tech package.

DouglasR | January 10, 2013

I knew I had promised to get back on this issue, but I couldn't remember what thread. Thanks, Stu, for bringing it up.

Yes, when my Bluetooth-connected iPhone 4 is selected as the audio device in the car's media app, ALL audio that would normally play through the iPhone's speakers is routed through the car's speakers. This includes turn-by-turn directions in iPhone apps such as Waze and Google Maps, music, etc. My Rhapsody music service plays great through the car's speakers, and the touch screen has play-pause-skip controls and album art. I do have the Tech package and the upgraded sound system, but I doubt that either of these options is necessary.

These features are available over Bluetooth, but not yet over USB.

Away | February 5, 2013

Do you have to use the FOB to lock the car without the tech package?

stevenmaifert | February 6, 2013

becky@willbraff - "Do you have to use the FOB to lock the car without the tech package?" Yes.

kevjo | February 6, 2013

For those of you debating over whether or not to get the tech package:

I took delivery of a 60kw on 2/2 and specifically did not want the tech package because I did not want to wait for a motorized rear hatch to open and close.

Xenon head lights? Who cares?
Electrochromatic side view mirrors? Mine work just fine
HD back-up camera? My camera works great!
Fog lights? Well, I have lights is there any data to suggest that LED fog lights are safer?
Automatic keyless entry? Really? I have that without the tech package, the only difference is that I have to press a button to lock the car. Can you press a button for $3750? I thought so.

The only reason to get the tech package in my view is for the Homelink and $3750 is a lot of money to pay for Homelink.

DJung | February 7, 2013

@kevjo I think you can get a homelink on Amazon, which was what I was thinking :

or I would maybe go for a homelink mirror with auto dimming?

ChasF | February 7, 2013

You didn't mention a biggie: Turn-by-turn navigation, but yea, still overpriced.

DonS | February 7, 2013

I got the tech package mostly because of the navigation. It wasn't clear exactly how limited the mapping and navigation would be without the tech package. We only saw and test drove cars with the tech package. Checking the box is expensive, but seemed to be the wise choice to avoid disappointment at delivery.

Pungoteague_Dave | February 7, 2013


Xenon headlights are a big deal and worth a lot of bucks. So much brighter as to be nearly unbelievable. However, at this price, it should have the cornering headlights found on all BMW and MB vehicles that have xenons.

Alex K | February 7, 2013

@Pungoteague_Dave | FEBRUARY 7, 2013: However, at this price, it should have the cornering headlights found on all BMW and MB vehicles that have xenons.

There are corning lights (LEDs) on the tech package. Maybe you mean lights that move with the direction of the steering wheel?

GeekEV | February 7, 2013

For homelink I plan on installing the Infinity Mirror with HomeLink. It looks like a good style to fit with the car - maybe even the existing mirror is from Infinity?

mai | February 18, 2013

I don't think you can replace the non-tech package rearview mirror - it still contains several sensors, including the light sensor for the auto-headlights and rain sensor. It's also electrochromatic, so it's not a basic unit.
The only thing I would recommend getting the tech package for is if you plan to use the rear jump seat option - there's no way for kids in the back to close the hatch themselves. You'll have to get out and close the lid after every time they get in or out.

GeekEV | February 18, 2013

@mai - It does? Well that stinks... Hmm. It sounds like I might have to go with a custom headliner install then. Unless the sensors aren't actually in the mirror but in the mount? As for electrochromatic, that's just a fancy word for auto-dimming isn't it? The after market mirror I was looking at is auto-dimming too.

Sudre_ | February 18, 2013

I have had my car for a week and I am very happy without the tech package. My homelink is clipping the garage buttom into the cubby below the screen. Works perfect. My wife loves all the interior and outside lights when the car is unlocked by me pressing the button twice from the outside of my pocket. Never had all the Tech features and don't miss them.

Designtime | February 18, 2013

You actually do not need the fob to lock or unlock the doors if you don't have the tech package.
Unlocking requires you touch the handle. In settings for the car, you can set the car to auto-lock after you get out.

laurentchardonnet | March 13, 2014

so i tested a p85 this week end, the sale person was very confused about the GPS and Homelink on a non tech package.
First in today's world every phone has GPS with TBT, so I don't see a reason why I should spend another $3k for lights and a few other gimmicks. But she was unable to answer whether or non the non tech package has an homelink. I don't need to have my garage door open automatically, I don't mind pressing a button, it's actually a disadvantage to have the garage door open automatically (what if you don't want someone to come in, what if you don't want the cold to get in if you are stopping just to get something, etc...). So is there a standard homelink button in the ModelS integrated in the mirror or visor like any good luxury car?

redacted | March 13, 2014

@laurent I don't think the garage opens automatically, at least i've not seen how to do that. Instead it is a soft button on the screen. I don't know if it's available without the tech package.

Fortunately the sun visors are just large enough to hold a garage door opener.

Bighorn | March 13, 2014

No, there are no garages going up automatically with Homelink. Just a video button on the center console that appears based on GPS coordinates. | March 13, 2014

All MS cars have GPS and includes Google maps through the 3G connection. The Tech package adds navigation and a built in map that displays the routing in the instrument panel. The 2nd map does not require a 3G connection, and will work even if the cell connection is not available.

Homelink is part of the Tech package. It automatically displays the "buttons" on the screen when you get near to your home (or other locations), or you can tap the Homelink icon anytime to get the list of buttons. It supports multiple locations via the GPS system and will highlight the button that best relates to your current location. It is not automatic, in that it does not initiate an open/close garage signal by itself. You have to press the button.

There is no Homelink without the Tech package. That said, without the Tech package, you can always use with the remote control from your garage opener clipped to the visor or somewhere else.

stevenmaifert | March 13, 2014

15 months now without the Tech package and still no regrets. The garage door opener fits neatly out of sight in the cubby under the touch screen. Disappointing to hear that after all this time, some of the showroom folks still don't know what you do and don't get with the various optional packages.

eAdopter | March 13, 2014

kevjo and similar +1
I don't have the tech package. I've driven loaner cars that had it and think the cost far exceeds the benefits.

TeslaLandShark | March 13, 2014

12 months without the Tech package, no regrets either. For me it was definitely not worth $3750. Thankfully back then it was not a prerequisite to get the air suspension.

amitb00 | March 13, 2014

You can all make it work w/o tech package. However after 85 and charging options, I will say tech package should rank pretty high in list. It adds lot of coolness to the car. Be it home link, folding mirrors, navigation , auto present etc. With this kind of money, I will add features which car has now.