Bay Area folks: we're having a mixer this Sunday in Palo Alto

Bay Area folks: we're having a mixer this Sunday in Palo Alto

Sorry if you live in a different area. I did make the topic indicate that this if for the SF Bay Area folks only.

We are having a mixer this coming Sunday at 1pm at Four Seasons's Quattro restaurant. If you're interested please RSVP to our Facebook invite so we get the right count for our area/table:

Hope to see you all there! My name is Alex and the reservation is under my name. | March 6, 2013

Is the link correct? When I click on it, I just get dumped into my own calendar with no events for the 10th and no way to RSVP.

kidalex | March 6, 2013

Very odd. Try joining our group first and then you'll see the event invite:

kidalex | March 9, 2013

Just wanted to give a bump to my thread since the mixer is tomorrow!

BYT | March 9, 2013

See you there tomorrow Alex, look forward to meeting you!


kidalex | March 10, 2013

@Ben: same here! I'm excited about this!

bradslee | March 10, 2013


Love to attend the mixer. However, I am in a business trip at the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Just wish you guys a very happy Tesla owners mixer!

kidalex | March 11, 2013

The mixer went great! Many pictures of the owners and the cars are posted on our page at

GeirT | March 11, 2013

For us allergic to Facebook.... you post on TMC also?

prash.saka | March 11, 2013

Loved the pictures ... so much that, last night, I dreamt that I was part of it :)

Captain_Zap | March 11, 2013


Facebook makes me break-out into a rage too.

Hills | March 11, 2013

Sorry, thought about attending, but don't use FB.