Be Careful of Paparazzi

Be Careful of Paparazzi

I have had my Model S for a week now and notice everywhere I go people are taking pictures of it. I would like to think they are taking them of me but I know it is my beautiful car they are really shooting. This is what it must feel like to be famous because people are constantly pointing and admiring her. Also give yourself an extra 5 to 10 minutes to run errands as people will want to stop you in the parking lot to talk to you about the car. Last thing, if you are single be prepared to meet an attractive mate as this is a babe magnet.

Kenneth3 | December 26, 2012

I have had the same experience. One guy immediately pulled out his S model key fob and showed it to me as I drove by as if we were in a secret society. Another guy kept looking back over his shoulder at the car so much so that he walked into a pole. No sure about the babe part, I do not think as beautiful car as this is, it will compensate for the dirty old man driving it.....

rwang | December 26, 2012

Yep. Left in the parking lot at Stanford mall, came back and there was a crowd around it.

Just smile and say cheese!

tvntesla | December 26, 2012

It's funny that when I see another Model S on the road, we wave each other like old friends, even though I don't know the owner.

olanmills | December 27, 2012

That's what bikers of all kinds often do.

I hope I don't get too much of this. I feel kind of awkward in those kinds of situations.

Brian H | December 27, 2012

dirty rich old men have a charm all their own, supposedly.

sunnysailor | December 27, 2012

As a female who is getting her Model S performance (today!!!) I do hope it is a guy magnet and not a babe magnet. I am recently single.

Darmok | December 27, 2012

Is a single woman driving the most advanced car in the world (and a performance model at that) a guy magnet? Youbetcha!

MandL | December 27, 2012

A couple of times now I've seen people congregate around the car while I'm at a restaurant or bar. Funny to take out the fob and make the door handles appear and disappear. A number of people have also said they want to hear me start it up and drive away. :-)

Brian H | December 27, 2012

Horrors! Was the prospect of getting the Model S enough to cause a divorce? I knew they would cause spousal jealousy, but ...

bbryant | December 27, 2012

Waves and admirations:
Sounds like the Corvette days of the 60's and 70's
Compared to today's S they now seem like Corvair memories.
Love being an old dude with a hot car, truly the second
midlife crisis....yipee!

Velo1 | December 27, 2012

SunnySailor - my suggestion for a vanity license plate is "Was His". I saw this years ago on a Mercedes being driven by a divorcee and couldn't stop chuckling.

However, if the car wasn't his before, we can pretend it would have been.

MandL | December 27, 2012

OK. Going ever further off subject... reminds me of a boat docked near us. Name is Happy Ours. Black electrical tape X through the Ours and a tape exclamation point after the Happy says it all.

Getting Amped Again | December 27, 2012

Babe Electromagnet. You heard it here first!

sunnysailor | December 27, 2012


I am wearing holes in the carpet waiting for the delivery truck. My Dad is here with me. He has not seen the car in person yet.

I am not married so it is not a divorce situation. The Tesla was my idea and purchase. It was never "his". :).

kidalex | December 27, 2012

Please post your car pic when it arrives in our Facebook group at

Love seeing other people's cars and I'm waiting for mine to be here in the next couple of days as well!

GeekGirls | December 27, 2012

This married woman won't mind turning a few pretty heads with hers – so long as one of them is my lovely wife's! Looking forward to claiming ours this Sunday at the Tesla factory. I'm just hoping the sunshine forecast holds.

Jewsh | December 27, 2012

My wife is definitely going to be jealous that I get to drive this thing to work every day. I am happily married though; don't need the attention of any women (or men, for that matter), thanks!

I hope everyone who got theirs already is enjoying the attention. :-)

BYT | December 27, 2012

I guess I look intimidating, people check out the car but seem to scatter when I come close to it... :)

**SNIFFS** I make sure I'm showered clean so that can't be it? :D

I have had a few people ask me about the car, one lady block traffic, another guy at the Supermarket asked me if I would trade. That was a really good chuckle!!

Velo1 | December 27, 2012

SunnySailor - come here often? (sorry, I couldn't resist). We need to close the loop.

Please let us know how delivery went today. Mine is in a few weeks, and I have already started wearing a path in the carpet, plus tossing and turning in my sleep at night. I visit my design/reservation online a few times per day, too.

BYT | December 27, 2012

@Velo1, I remember those days that I would visit my design studio a few times per day and hit up the local Tesla Motors dealer to harass them with more questions. Now I look at the Design Studio Picture and wonder, how can I get the car that clean again?? :D

Velo1 | December 27, 2012

@BYT - did you open the inside garage door and try to visualize how the Model S will fit and look? I think I've done that a dozen times, even used a tape measure to confirm, reconfirm, re-reconfirm that it will fit just fine.

Liz G | December 27, 2012

I've measured the width of the garage door, twice, and contemplated measuring the width of the road that accesses my subdivision. I get nervous passing a car in my husbands Mustang which isn't as wide as the S.

BYT | December 27, 2012

I know the width is fine, I have to finish cleaning out my garage to actually get it in there! :/

EcLectric | December 27, 2012

I thought I had enough room in my garage. I've been doing some sort of acrobatic act to get in and out without hitting the door on anything. Make room for Model S!

olanmills | December 27, 2012

Haven't had that much attention so far, other than a lot of lingering stares. An officer who was directing traffic did talk to me about it for a few seconds while I was stuck behind a line of cars.

Klaus | December 27, 2012

Recently visited the Manatee viewing center at Apollo Beach. The whole center is powered by photovoltaics and they have a Chargepoint station as well. Hadn't even plugged in and the crowd began to form. Probable spent 20-30 minutes showing and explaining before I could get away. After spending a couple of hours there with my wife, daughter and grandson, we tried to leave. Never quite made it to the car when I was surrounded by another group. Apparently one of the employees pointed me out. My wife had to rescue me by pulling up with the car so I could jump in and leave. We all had a good laugh over it. Felt like Hollywood celebs.

Captain_Zap | December 28, 2012

I park the car in no-man's land. Door ding fear. Too many distracted folks that are not paying attention to what they are doing for me to feel safe. Therefore, not much attention other than on the freeway.

As a side note, I see an opportunity for a new vanity plate: "MAGNET"

sunnysailor | December 28, 2012


i don't have my car yet. It may be tomorrow. I am somewhat frustrated that i don't have my car. However, the subject matter is delivery so I have posted on that thread. Tesla has, seemingly, a newly modified direct delivery model.

Brian H | December 28, 2012

Do you carry traffic cones and space them 10' around the car after parking?


dstiavnicky | December 30, 2012

Interesting the talk around paparazzi... a celeb friend of mine is buying his Model S specifically so that he doesn't have to give autographs and pics every time he stops for gas.

RobS | December 30, 2012

love it!! | December 30, 2012

My first day driving around town with my daughter. Lots of thumbs ups and pointing at the vehicle.