Can you tell me how you think the great British market will take to the TESLA

Can you tell me how you think the great British market will take to the TESLA

Hi my name is David and i am new here i have been reading all about Tesla and how they have progressed over the past 11 years. Obviously it is now a well established business in the USA but what i really want to know is how well do you think the British Public will embrace this vehicle? Also why is the Tesla so different to mnay other Electric vehicles in the sense people will spend in excess of £50,000 on the Model S rather than a Jaguar XF or Porsche Panamera or your BMW'S the reason i ask is i havent been lucky enough to drive one as yet are they really as good as they make out i really do hope so.

Timo | May 13, 2014

Because it beats Porsche Panamera and Jaguar XF in almost all possible ways. As a BEV is it also really quiet and a lot easier to drive than any ICE and you get the convenience to never go to gas station again. Nothing beats the five second charging you do in your own garage (2.5 seconds to plug in and other 2.5 seconds to unplug after good night sleep)

Other BEV:s are basically either extremely expensive limited edition novelty-items or city cars that you can't use on road trips.

Red Sage ca us | May 13, 2014

Dave asked, "...what i really want to know is how well do you think the British Public will embrace this vehicle?"

Like this:

Quick Charge: Tesla Model S P85+ (Mark Drives, 5:46)

ChargedUp: Tesla Model S (EU 2013) Review (18:52)

Tesla Model S 85 performance plus | Fully Charged (15:07)

And... like this:

Autocar: Tesla Model S takes on the Aston Martin Rapide S (5:53)

Autocar: Just how much power does a Tesla Model S produce? (1:51)

DTsea | May 13, 2014

Well 'petrol' is super expensive in england... like £1+ per liter? $7-8 per gallon? So on 15000 miles per year, that's about $6000 for petrol vs 5000 kWh of electricity.... maybe $500-1000? Powerful incentive.

UK friends sorry for $ and gallons, miles/liter is not in my handy brain list.

Metric friends, yes in UK they use liters and miles not km! | May 13, 2014

Towards the end of the Model S versus Rapide video they note that the Model S goes about as far on a full charge as the Rapide goes on a full tank - and then they estimate the cost of a full home charge for the Model S at £4.50, and the cost of a full tank for the Rapide at £120.

TeoTeslaFan | May 14, 2014

OK, let's see. Here are a few reasons I can think of.

1: Tesla is cheaper to buy
Porsche Panamera costs £63.900
Tesla Model S 85 costs £57.680 -£5000 incentive = £52.680

2: Tesla is cheaper to run
Porsche Panamera: 17.6p per mile
Tesla Model S: 4p per mile

With Porsche you get 33.6 miles per gallon. 1 gallon is 4.55 liters. So you get 33.6/4.55= 7.38 miles per liter. Average oil price is 130p per liter. Driving 1 mile will cost you 130/7.38= 17.6p

With Tesla Charging 265 miles costs £10.49 at £0.11 per kWh electricity which is off peak rate in the UK. The calculator is here:
Driving 1 mile will cost you 10.49/265= 4p

3: Tesla is cheaper to run again.
Long distance travel is free with Tesla Model S using Superchargers that are being build right now in the UK.

4: Tesla is cheaper to run yet again.
With Porsche you pay road tax and congestion charge in London. With Tesla you don't.

5: Tesla is faster.
0-60 is 6.3s in Porsche Panamera
0-60 is 5.4s in Tesla Model S 85

6. Tesla has the lowers center of gravity (17.5 inches) of any sedan.

7: Tesla has more luggage space than any sedan.

8: Tesla is safer than any car.

9: Tesla gets better over time. Other cars don't. Tesla
comes with free 3G connection (at least free for first 4 years) and gets over-the-air firmware updates.

10: Tesla has only company operated service centers and stores. They don't have franchises. You always deal directly with Tesla. Elon Musk said it is wrong to make a profit when your product breaks down. Other car makers have dealerships and their service centers do want to make money off of you.

DTsea | May 14, 2014

1 gallon (US) is 3.8 liters. Maybe yours are Imperial gallons?

Timo | May 14, 2014

UK gallons = imperial gallons. That's how Panamera gets that high mpg. Just like foot as distance it is not clearly defined and changes depending who you ask.

DTsea | May 15, 2014

Wow. So panamera mileage in us gallons is more like 25 or so... makes more sense now.

davekennedyatac | May 21, 2014

Thank you all for your responses the reason i have put this out there is becasue i am currently trying to become a memeber of the Tesla team and it is always excellent to get feedback from real devoted fans of a company you all make really valid points so i thank you.

TeoTeslaFan | May 21, 2014

I want to make a correction to my earlier message. Apparently the £5000 incentive is already applied to the displayed base price. It is a shame the US version of this site shows the -7500 USD clearly deducted but the UK version says there is 5000 GBP incentive but fails to mention it is already applied to the shown price.

Anyway, the correct prices are:
Porsche Panamera costs £63.900
Tesla Model S 85 costs £57.680

420weblazeit | June 14, 2014

Lemme ask you a question guys,
Range Rover apparently has some deals to be excempt from Congestion Charge, as does Tesla

If I import a Tesla from the US, how do I notify the CC people to make my congestion charge free? Or will it automatically be free due to the fuel being "electric" in the V5?

Also, can I send an invoice to HM Revenue and Customs mentioning that it's an electric vehicle so that they can take away £5000 from the VAT/duty or completely get rid of it?

Iowa92x | June 14, 2014

Tesla = dream cheeky.

MarlonBrown | June 14, 2014

I read some feedback some typical very satisfied customers. Concur with the analysis posted here.

Many British with money USED to admire Jaguars for its style. Well, let's face it, large Jaguar sedans have been looking ugly for a while now. Then from an interior perspective, it attempts to retain its "classic" looks, but it looks to me really old school. Then you consider the high maintenance. Listen I owned Audi, BMWs and one thing I learn about combustion engines; drive fast, accelerate hard and you will oil leaks and all sorts of maintenance often. A middle class individual can't usually afford the maintenance and high costs of an Aston Martin and Jaguar, but then it comes the Model S and it blows away the competition showing a contemporary interior, subtle, sleek, right proportion exterior and very low maintenance costs. Winner.

Miggy | June 14, 2014

The British Public will love the Tesla Model S but many in the UK will find it too big, the biggest selling BMW is the 3 series. The Model S will out sell the big BMW 7's, Jags and the Audi 8, just give it a bit of time.
The above confusion about gallons and MPG is why you should use the metric system.

Iowa92x | June 14, 2014

Jaguars have electric issues and are for old people. Boring and the opposite of innovative.

DTsea | June 15, 2014

Metric system. Yeah because miles per gallon is SO MUCH HARDER to understand than liters per 100 km.


Miggy | June 16, 2014

98% of the world already use the Metric System

Red Sage ca us | June 17, 2014

Officially, the United States has used the metric system for the better part of two centuries.

Timo | June 17, 2014

You could use km/L. mile is about 1.6km, and gallon(US, liquid) is about 3.78 liters.

This gives 1.6/3.78 = 0.42 * mpg conversion to km/L.

Miggy | June 18, 2014

The thing is the UK and US gallon are not the same but a litre is the same any where in the world. Be it Litres per 100km or km's per litre it would be the same the world over for the same car.
But whatever country you live in you have to love Tesla.