Charging in / near Landsdowne, VA

Charging in / near Landsdowne, VA

Next week, I am staying at the Landsdowne Conference Center in Landsdowne, VA (next to Leesburg). The hotel has no charing options (they couldn't even offer a 110 outlet near a parking space). lists options that are not very close. Anyone live near there and know of a charging station in the area? Thanks.

hfcolvin | July 12, 2013

Register for Plugshare. There's a private plug in Landsdowne. Alamo Drafthouse a few miles away also. You can also search for nearby RV parks for a "50 amp" outlet.

bigez1 | July 12, 2013


Try here:

Older post - chargers are now operational. Unfortunately, they are frequently ICE'd. Otherwise check Plugshare, you should find plenty options available.

Yohman | July 12, 2013

Thanks folks! I have heard of plugshare but didn't know what it was. I'll check it out. Love the Tesla forum! Hope I can repay the favor sometime.

KendallPB | July 13, 2013

Half an hour away is the Tysons Corner Tesla "gallery" store, which has an HPWC. What about calling them and spending an evening topping off there?

AGRAGAMI | July 15, 2013

I live in Herndon and has a 240V 50A outlet in the garage. You are more than welcome to use it.