Dropping off the kids in the car-pool at school / door handles

Dropping off the kids in the car-pool at school / door handles

Every day I drop my kids off at school, in the car pool lane, and a teacher usually comes up to the car to open the door. Sometimes when I tap "unlock" the door handles don't always extend. It's not because I'm in drive, as sometimes they do extend. I've only had the car a week so I'm still experimenting. I know if I'm moving, I get a "ding" and I don't think the doors even unlock (that's fine). The teachers don't know to just press on the door handle, so I need a reliable way for me to do it. It might just be a bug, as I've read there were many with the door handles early on. thoughts?


Pungoteague_Dave | February 13, 2013

Just press park on the shifter stalk and the handles extend.

mw | February 13, 2013

Yep, park does the trick!

trydesky | February 13, 2013

Will try park tomorrow, thanks!

nickjhowe | February 13, 2013

Based on my testing tapping Park will NOT extend the handles if the car is already in Park. @Rod and Barbara has added an item to the software enhancement list so that it DOES extend the handles if you tap it when in Park.

If anyone has different behaviour please let me know. Thx.

@trydesky - the handles have ALWAYS extended for me when I press the unlock button on controls. If yours is intermittent I'd drop a note to ownership.

DTsea | February 14, 2013

but if in park and you select unlock, handles extend.