Electronics cycling in and out / "hanging up"

Electronics cycling in and out / "hanging up"

There was some discussion of this here:
but that thread was mostly about A/C compressor noise, so I wanted to start a new one.

I have experienced several times now where various electronics hang up and cycle on and off - it seems to be related to CPU capacity. I am pretty sure each time it happened I was doing a big zoom-in or zoom-out on the map, and that caused the A/C to shut off for several seconds at a time, radio volume controls did not work, and some other commands did not respond. After a delay, those commands kicked in (e.g., the radio volume suddenly shot way up or down, depending on which way I had been pushing the button with no apparent response).

Not sure if this is an inherent limit (e.g., based on processor size/speed, amount of RAM) or if it can be corrected with some software download (maybe reprioritize processor usage?). The map - sadly - is already not too fast, and that's one of my minor complaints about the car. But I don't think it makes to try to speed the map up by shutting down (even temporarily) other systems!

Any experience with or thoughts on this issue? Any known fixes?

Brian H | June 27, 2013

They should be independent of the touchscreen, IMO. Sounds like a service problem.

TFMethane | June 28, 2013

That doesn't sound right. Zooming in and out doesn't even use much processor... it's slow because it has to download new maps over "3G."

Others can comment, but I would suspect a 12V problem. What is your approximate VIN? The earlier ones were having problems in the 12V system, I understand. Old timers on the forum like BrianH could probably tell you better than me.

ye | June 28, 2013

That sounds like the same problem someone described here:

Later in that thread, he reports that Tesla said it's a known bug, and then a few days after that, he says that the problem seems to be fixed in version 4.5 (1.33.44) of the software.

Koz | June 28, 2013

Definitely sounds like software, not hardware. Sounds like a process wasn't taught sharing when it was young.

jonesxander | June 28, 2013

Just go down to Best Buy and get some 32 gb DDR3 SODimm memory sticks and throw them in there. LOL.

That would be awesome. Upgrade the hard drive. Re install the OS. Oh man. A nerd's dream!

AmpedRealtor | June 28, 2013

@ jonesxander , Model S does not use a hard drive.

jonesxander | June 28, 2013

@Amped, exactly that's why I said dream. :)

Would be cool though.