To the fence-sitters

To the fence-sitters

I'm sure you're very excited, and apprehensive. It's a big purchase, it's new technology, it's a new company, you know all this. I have something new to tell you to be aware of....

Rock Stardom

Yes, my friends. You will become a virtual rockstar. You WILL be asked things like:

"What is that?"
"Is that a Maserati?"
"Is that a Jaguar?"
"A Wha?... Who makes it?"
(some cringe-worthy ones...)
"How much does it cost?"
"How fast does it go?"
"Is 200 Miles really enough range?"

You will almost certainly return to your car and find, as I did today at an shopping outlet center in Riverhead, NY, 11 people milling about. My unscientific average is 4...

You will find fingerprints on your car that you didn't leave yourself. Especially on the handles. I now wipe them to see how many people try pushing on them to try to get in the car!

Last week, I had a "hoodlum" kid who was spinning his tires in stop and go traffic see me return to my car. He called out "Hey!" I thought... Here it comes, some sort of insult.... "Is that a Tesla?" I answered that it was, he gave the "Hang Loose" sign and said "Awesome! Great car!"

So if you're an introvert... you may need to do your shopping at night


Velo1 | July 7, 2013

You probably should not buy Tesla - if you're in witness protection!

stsanford | July 7, 2013

Velo1 Awesome...
Also if you are anti-social...

NomoDinos | July 7, 2013

But it would make a fantastic mime car.

rdalcanto | July 7, 2013

I just can't get over how much I love this car. After other car purchases in the past, by the two week mark, I was always thinking "what was I so excited to get this car for?" With the Tesla, the love just continues to grow. I actually enjoy driving again. The way the accelerator and speed is so directly tied to my foot is unreal. I love hardly having to use the brake. I love the big screen and Slacker Radio. I love that the Homelink controls for my garage doors automatically appears when I get 30 yards from my house. I love how quiet and smooth the car is. I love how I don't use energy sitting at light, and recharge down every hill and with every deceleration. I love how good it looks. The list of things I love just goes on and on....

S4WRXTTCS | July 7, 2013

I'm definitely an anti-social introvert, but not surprisingly I live in the Seattle/Bellevue area. My eventual MS won't really stick out next to all the other Blue Tesla MS's.

I'll tint my windows if I go anywhere outside of the Tesla controlled turf.

AmpedRealtor | July 7, 2013

Here's another reason not to resist buying one… Tesla is poised to disrupt the auto industry in a big way, as such it becomes an increasingly more attractive acquisition for a larger tech giant. I see a lot of synergy between Tesla and Google, keep an eye on that relationship and watch it blossom. This gives me peace of mind knowing that Tesla and its technologies will be around for a long time.

Brian H | July 7, 2013

Being acquired by a tech giant is far from a guarantee a company and its technologies will survive. Examples abound. Elon knows this, and I think he wants to make TM "too big to buy". And, as he said, his money will be "last out".

July10Models | July 7, 2013

The plain white S85 would look like any other white sedan on the road I thought. No vanity plates or flashy license plate frames to attract attentions or questions. The paparazzi is everywhere for ever near the car. The most surprising paparazzi's are children in their booster seats instantly connecting with the car on the road. You would think with the amount of press Tesla has gotten, that most folks would have at least heard of the company. The most common question by far "who makes it." Tesla. "Who makes it?" They are an American auto manufacturer based in California. "California, American." After six months, I am getting tired of answering the same old questions over and over again. The other day I spent the better part of an hour talking to an M B driver which I was just exchanging parking spots with about Tesla. He called the store and scheduled a test drive. The Benz was only a few weeks old he said. Who the heck purchase a new car without looking at all available options in the class.

Electricfun | July 8, 2013

I've only had one person ask me about my P85. Works for me as I don't want the attention.
I think the car pretty much just blends in with other nice looking sedans.

Brian H | July 8, 2013

Where are you?

ORWA | July 8, 2013

E-fun must never leave his garage...

Mel. | December 1, 2013

E fun, Where are you

carlk | December 1, 2013

E-fun is still looking at his Porsche poster and having a wet dream.