Finding Tesla News

Finding Tesla News

I am a happy MS 85 owner (VIN 12096). Took delivery in NJ a couple of weeks ago, and have clocked about 700 miles of smiling driving since. Even the recall was an exceeds expectations event, as I chatted with the mechanic while he did the work, and was fascinated to see how the interior panels are assembled and held together largely with clips and snaps. Ever since I made a deposit on the MS last fall and got on the waiting list (the same time I was lucky enough to buy a few hundred shares of Tesla), I have been craving news about Tesla and Elon. I am too busy to search and filter out the false positives, so I had a news feed customized, and can share it here: This searches 10,000+ sources online in real time (including twitter, which sometimes seems to predominate), and delivers a single feed of relevant information to my desktop, tablet and phone. You can use it too.

Full disclosure: I invested in CREOpoint, but the Tesla Motors channel above is free for everyone. I hope you like it.

Alex K | July 9, 2013

Nice feed. As you say, Twitter does dominate the feed. I guess it's a bit too much for me, however. Just trying to keep up with the posts on this forum.

cfOH | July 9, 2013

For a lower-volume feed, using Google News search to email me each day with up to 10 stories that hit my keywords (e.g., "Tesla") is what I use. I usually can't even read all 10 stories, but at least the headlines give me a review of what happened that day.

nickjhowe | July 9, 2013

+1 @cfOH I find that works well, plus Elon's twitter feed.

And the TM forums. And TMC. And....oh dear. :-)

edfinn | July 10, 2013

@nickjhowe I added a feed for Elon. This picks up twitter as well as other online news sources.

It is free too.

tobi_ger | July 10, 2013

one minor suggestion/question: is there a way to exclude Twitter feeds (or vice versa)? Thanks.

edfinn | July 11, 2013

@tobi CREOpoint can filter out twitter feeds or otherwise make a custom feed, but they charge for that. I will check if I can get one to share here for free for Tesla or Elon. They can also create a custom channel for other people or companies or things. There is a cost for that.

tobi_ger | July 12, 2013

Thanks for your reply. I like the service, but the page gets bloated with tweets reporting e.g. on old news or people are just learning about Tesla. I had hoped to be able to just see non-Tweets.
I haven't yet checked what they charge, will keep using it as-is, thank you.

GeirT | July 12, 2013

Thank you! Now I don't need to do all the boring work myself anymore.

edfinn | July 13, 2013

@Geir You are welcome. CREOpoint is working on a twitter toggle to include or exclude tweets in the feed. I will post when it is updated. It can work to do the boring filter out the garbage work on other topics as well.