Goshers Blindspot Sensors

Goshers Blindspot Sensors

There are a number of minor upgrades many of us wish the Tesla had, from coat hooks and internal storage solutions to safety-oriented items like rear parking sensors (which I have seen a Model S user retrofit with aftermarket sensors) and blindspot detectors, which I have not seen anyone add yet. With the slit like back windshield and the lines of this car, I really think blindspot detection is a good idea for this car, but we don't know when Tesla will get to this fix (while I'd love to hear about an upgraded tech package in Elon's earnings call, I don't hold out much hope). I have until Feb 19 to configure.

I was googling and found the Gosher's blindspot detection system, which relies on two black sensors inserted into the rear bumper, like parking sensors are (I know, at a certain point, this turns the rear bumper covering into swiss cheese, but a camera mounted detector would have to be fitted in the factory). Anyone try these yet? They are not expensive to buy (obviously, you need a good installation guy). I don't think they can be painted, but I will be getting the Tesla in brown (at least if I order now, I am on the fence), so two little black sensors wouldn't look that bad.

To preempt the "Tesla does no wrong" crowd that has commented negatively on this feature before: yes, I know how to drive and can live without blindspot detectors, but having experienced these in my wife's Volvo, I feel it is wrongheaded to offer a premium car without these today, and am mildly offended at being asked to pay $80K for a car without at least the option. Other upgrades to automobiling were similarly originally thought of as "frivolous" by purists, until universally adopted (like power side mirrors and cruise control). Aren't we Tesla people about seeking advances in use of technology, or what?

Tesltoronto | April 20, 2014

This thread was started more than a year ago. Just wanted to see if anyone has any comments or new experience.

jordanrichard | April 20, 2014

Personally I am not a proponent of electronics aids that substitute proper driving skills. Meaning, doing things that you as a driver should be/can do. If one sets their mirrors up properly and pay frequent attention to their mirrors, there will be no surprises. Besides and not to take this in a whole other direction, but the comment was made that " mildly offended to pay 80K....", then don't buy the car. Granted there are a whole host of electronic gee whiz things the MS doesn't have that MB, Audi, BMW etc.,have. Do these electronic aids make the car a "premium luxury car"? All and I mean all of these electronic devices could be put on a 1976 Pinto. Would you then buy the Pinto? None of these components are made in house. They are off the shelf parts.

If the OP is "offended", then he should be also insulted/ embarrassed that after spending $80K on a BMW, Audi, etc, that the following year or 2 later you can get the same electronic features on a $25K Ford Fusion or a Hyundai Sonata.

carlk | April 20, 2014

My only comment is op did not get a single reply in over a year and he did not even put in the title "please ignore".

NO2PTRL | April 20, 2014


I agree 100%!
In many ways these devises reinforce bad habits. Defensive driving is the best defense.

If there was a spike sticking out of the steering wheel pointed at each of our chests, how safely would we drive then?