Hawaiian observation

Hawaiian observation

Took a week off to relax in Hawaii and I couldn't help notice how may Leafs I saw there! There were a few Volts, but the Leafs seem very popular there. Also saw a lot of houses with solar and even complete developments built with solar. Even a few beach resorts had charging stations. This all got me thinking, a model S could go anywhere in Hawaii on a single charge! Is tesla going to explore Hawaii? I think they would make a killing there!
Also in the main states, I would think if more new houses came with solar built in, what would stop you from buying an electric car at that point? You'd already have the 'fuel' you need all the time, you just need the car to use it! Solar City needs to (if they haven't already) buddy up with some housing builder and have the houses come standard with the solar panels. That would be the nudge some people might need to consider an electric car.

ddruz | April 3, 2013

Tesla already has a service center here (I'm in Hawaii) and is moving a significant number of cars through.

Yes, they should make an absolute killing in Hawaii. It makes great sense for everyone considering a luxury car here to consider a Tesla.

We already have the highest EV car ownership per capita and largest number of charging stations per capita of any state in the US.

Brian H | April 3, 2013

But can they paddle between islands?

fluxemag | April 3, 2013

My friend spotted one in their home town of Paia last weekend and sent me a picture. Little did she know I have the same configuration on order! My favorite thing in my favorite place, go figure. Sadly mine will most likely never see Maui.

akikiki | April 3, 2013

Brian No, we are smart enough not to try. Most of us are perfectly content to not leave the island we are on already.

KonaKeoki | April 14, 2013

Just keep in mind electricity is three time the national average at about 35 cents per kwatthour while gas is only about 25-35% more expensive, so while you still save, you don't save as much. And that is why all the PV systems on folks' roofs. :-)

negarholger | April 14, 2013

Rates in Bay Area are $0.36 / kWh... still half the cost of $4.25 gas. Solar or TOU rates just make it even less expensive.

Ty Aldinger | May 17, 2013

Can someone get back this way on the comment about a Tesla service center in Hawaii? This is the only thing holding me back from puttin in my order.

Mahalo Nui,

ddruz | May 17, 2013

We have a service center in Hawaii:

94-480 Akoki Street, Unit 1 | Waikele, HI 96797

It is run by a great guy named Barry and his great assistant Luke.

I picked up my Model S there on May 3.