How's that new delivery date working out?

How's that new delivery date working out?

This forum has run (its, it's) course for me..... there you go Brian H...... I'm confirmed for my delivery next week. My original interest was getting feedback from others who were promised August delivery. Wow! What a lively forum. I'm passing to spam2 for further handling.

Original topic:
It seems almost everyone is having their delivery date pushed back since the factory started up again in August. I thought I would start a new forum to track how the new dates are working out. I was scheduled for August 28 at Fremont and got bumped, supposedly about a week. My DS said he would call today or tomorrow with a new date. I'll keep posting my progress. PLEASE stay on topic with responses. I want this forum to be useful so we all have reasonably accurate data on delivery experiences in the upcoming weeks. Thanks!

BoxcarX | August 21, 2014

What's your VIN?

Sluggo | August 21, 2014


jordanrichard | August 21, 2014

Sluggo, just FYI for future posts, you can just use the 49413. All MSs start with 5Y.

Drakester347 | August 21, 2014

I don't have an updated date yet. lots of vague talk from the DS. I don't blame him as he probably only knows what the factory lets him know.

anodyne | August 21, 2014

Vin 50130 - no delivery date yet for me in Chicago although my Tesla dashboard now says Septrmber instead of late August. I shed a few tears at the new extention to my wait. Im going to text my DS and see if she knows something more than last time we communicated.

Gill | August 21, 2014

anodyne looks like we may be getting ours at the same time. VIN50989

Dash status when confirmed stated late september. Two weeks later changed to September and has not changed.

I hope I get mine no later that Sept 19(fingers crossed)

BoxcarX | August 21, 2014

Does anyone know what TMC's actual daily output is? In their factory special video, their goal was about 50 vehicles per day. My VIN is 52857 and while my dashboard says late September, I'm guessing early October.

Brian H | August 21, 2014

Prior to the new line, 750/wk, 5-day shift. >>50/day, more like 150.

Sluggo | August 21, 2014

Spoke with my DS today. Babble babble. He will call again on Monday with a new date. Today he told me I am delayed 1-2 weeks from my scheduled August 28 delivery in Fremont. Totally guessing on my part; I suspect the new line is not quite up to speed yet OR there is a bottleneck happening somewhere. The DS people don't know anything other than the talking points given out by the mothership. Hurry up and wait! | August 21, 2014

I wonder if HW upgrades like the seats have a role to play...?

jeffreybuss | August 21, 2014

I was scheduled for a August 28th delivery on my MS as well. Now its been moved out to a "non-committal" next week. I have very serious doubts about that. This will be the forth time my date has been pushed out. It was originally scheduled for mid-July. The irony is that the DS always tries to spin these push-outs as good news. It is very condescending. They claim that the extra time will give Tesla the opportunity make me a perfect car.

The whole experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth about Tesla quality service.

CRASCH | August 21, 2014

I'm 53122 and still showing September 25th...

txeVees1 | August 21, 2014

My original tentative date was yesterday (Aug 20th) but dashboard still says sourcing parts. DS says September is likely but he's not giving out a specific date. I'm checking the dashboard every 3-6 hours hoping for "in production"...

leoph | August 21, 2014

47976....supposed to be today moved to 8/28

jake90 | August 21, 2014

4796x originally scheduled Fremont for 8-13, then 8-20, then THE phone call, and now 9-4

qgrain | August 21, 2014

48959 and went from 8/23 to September for my P85+ Fortunately I have an extra vehicle to drive or this would be most unpleasant.

genedr @ny-us | August 21, 2014

49465, NY area, was set for sept 5 for a while,. two days ago the DS advised "about 2 week delay"
I hope it's really only 1 week so he can call and say "early delivery!"

jjchan.OH.US | August 21, 2014

Scheduled delivery on Aug 25, 1 p.m. Now pushed back to "I am eyeing the entire week of 09/01 with my fingers crossed."...per DS

P85 ordered & confirmed May 30

Kondo | August 21, 2014

P85 49907 scheduled production 8/25 delivery 9/5 ..... DS says still shooting for that. Will know more next week.

Dark | August 21, 2014

50311 scheduled for 8/26, today, my dashboard changed to September without any communication. My dashboard is now asking for payment, well.. no car, no payment for Tesla.

Dan L | August 21, 2014

49008 - initially 8/30, briefly 8/29, currently 10-14 day expected delay. Taking delivery in Tampa.

I'm doing my best to consider the additional anticipation as "added value" to the whole experience. :)

txakoli | August 21, 2014

49457. S85 to L.A.

Scheduled delivery is 8/28. Called my DS today; car is "at the point of entering production". He says slight chance that car will be delivered on 8/28, though I have my doubts. He said he will update me on Saturday.

No worries, I knew the date was a floating target.

karmamule | August 21, 2014

Confirmed 24 May, Vin 50411, my date has been 12 Sept since first given mid July, no change yet.

Dark | August 21, 2014

wow, if you guys are at 49000 are expecting delay until mid. September, then I am at 50311 won't be getting my car until late September then. This is a huge delay and I need to re-plan everything, maybe I should just wait for the Model X.

Captain_Zap | August 21, 2014


The X would be a really long wait!

When the last line started rolling they were caught up in no time at all.

Sluggo | August 21, 2014

JeffreyBuss- Spot on!! DS talking points are they want to ensure the cars coming off the new assembly line are without defects. But yet cars ARE coming off the assembly line yesterday and today. Are these cars defective? Of course not! If quality control, malfunction of robots or whatever was an issue, then NO cars would be delivered. Logically, they are probably not up to full speed at the factory after the shut down. Only Elon and the Grand Poobas behind the curtain can tell us.....

GuppyDriver | August 21, 2014

Got the same call today from my DS. Scheduled for Aug 30 in Costa Mesa and said to expect a delay of a few days. Didn't specify beyond that.

Dwatson102 | August 21, 2014

495xx moved from August 26 to Sept. 9.

jeffreybuss | August 22, 2014

Sluggo - My VIN is 49414...the next after yours. Hopefully we'll see them soon. Taking delivery in Costa Mesa, CA.

I've found dealing with Tesla to be a difficult experience. I've been assured all my concerns will melt away once I have my car. But this relationship is sure off to a rocky start.

J.T. | August 22, 2014

Dealing with tesla while in the throes of production is kind of like knocking your head against the wall. It feels so good when you stop (delivery).

BoxcarX | August 22, 2014

This wait is killing me (figuratively of course) and is consuming way too much of my attention. I'm glued to the forums and have pretty much seen all the YouTube videos of the Model S, including the bad ones. It also pains me to see them pass by when I'm out on the road. I'm just thankful that nobody in my neighborhood has one, or that would probably push me over the edge, lol.

K85D | August 22, 2014

I agree the wait is the hardest thing. I waste too much time checking the dashboard to see if it is in production. My VIN49052 was suppose to be delivered VA on 8/30. I can't get a new date from my DS yet. I am suppose to hear something today. I will need to update my loan if I do not get the check by 8/30. I also need to turn in my lease car. This is not a very good first impression from Tesla. I realize it is a process and I am excited. Just very frustrated...

minervo.florida | August 22, 2014

New production lines need debugging, this can take a while. Also ramp up of the production line needs time.

Anyone who thought it would get to full speed in a week or two or 3 has not been in a manufacturing environment.

heil.leah | August 22, 2014

VIN: 48920. Dashboard delivery date projection: 9/4/14 in Chicago (W. Grand Ave.) DS says that it will probably be a week later. More time for stock market bulls to cover cost of Performance Package!

jordanrichard | August 22, 2014

Not that this makes it any easier for those waiting, but Tesla is still a relatively low volume manufacturer. Since they don't have a lot full of cars on standby, any hiccup in the manufacturing process is going to cause a ripple effect.

Consider the fact that in as little as 2 years ago they were only producing 5 cars a week.

If any of you are in the CT area, I would be willing to help you get your "fix" of driving one again.

appleblossom-us-pa | August 22, 2014

52605 with delivery Sept 25 in Devon Pa. Confirmed July 1 and got this delivery date 2-3 weeks later. I'm hoping the production issues are ironed out before mid-Sept.

johncrab | August 22, 2014

I got a VM on my office phone late yesterday afternoon so it looks like I'll be getting the news today. Oh well. Now if I had wanted an XLR I could just go pick one out which wouldn't be exactly to my liking and would be a Volt at twice the price. I'll take the wait, thank you.

mdbuehler | August 22, 2014

52765 here, still showing 9/29 in Seattle for a delivery. I'd guess they knew there would be problems with the new line too, and padded the numbers accordingly. If they did have trouble at first getting it running smoothly, I'd expect cars going into production right when they started back up to slide a week or two, but that they would quickly catch back up.

Hopefully by the end of September ;)

Captain_Zap | August 22, 2014

You might find a few extra miles on your cars from testing and verification if your cars were some of the first off the line.

When the first line started, Elon drove every single car. Then he would drive every car a couple times a week. Then his sampling slowed until he was satisfied. No time for that kind of sampling rate at this volume but, keep in mind they might be doing some extra testing.

One lucky Tesla owner that had been delayed a bit more than some others got his sun visor autographed. He had no idea until the sun was in his eyes one day.

I recall now that the non-air suspension cars were delivered first due to some issues. No one learned the reason why the active air was delayed. It seems like the non-P's were the first out the door too. Things are likely very different now, but it is interesting recall that some may be late and others may not be for different reasons.

Sam_S | August 22, 2014

'End of September' delivery date here.

Going to reset my expectations for a October 15th delivery so I don't lose sleep.

Like minervo.florida said, new production lines are almost always buggy so this is common, especially with something as complex as an automobile.

Selfishly, I'm kind of grateful my car is due at least a month after the new production line is burned in. Should be less and less quality issues as time elapses, so if you're waiting a little longer than expected, that's okay.

Also, recognize that Tesla wants to meet it's Quarterly numbers so they should be trying to move heaven and earth to meet their production targets.

jordanrichard | August 22, 2014

This was suggested by tes-s on another thread about the now infamous 6.0 software update. Who ever amongst you gets your car first, let the rest of know if it has 6.0 on it. Us present owners are dying to see/learn what goodies we will be getting.

Thanks and now back to the pacing in the hall for those waiting for their cars... :-)

johncrab | August 22, 2014

Still waiting for the "news" but I'm trying to be philosophical as I deal with a vendor delay in my own world due to their vendor delay, probably due to that vendor's vendor delay. It's amazing how disruptive one little thing can be. Hey, I'd rather have vendor issues caught at the factory before my car is built. I'd rather have it take longer and for them to get it right than to push it off the line for me to deal with at the service center. I'm down with all of these things...I still want my car.

johncrab | August 22, 2014

Well, that call was a real load of monkey crap. After having scheduled me for 9/2, then 8/30, I was told this morning that there are significant production problems following the factory shutdown and that Model S is being produced at "a very slow rate." I'm an industrial guy so I know that just shutting down a line means it comes back up with glitches, a modified line with more but this sounds as if they're starting from scratch. So I've gone from 8/30 to no date at all, not even a general projection of when my car may be delivered.

I'd rather have it right than to have doors put on upside-down, so yeah, I'd rather have a delay than a crappy car but Tesla should have done a better job of anticipating startup problems and planning to work out the bugs. With nearly 50k cars out the door they should be better at it than this by now.

So I paid for a car which now has no delivery date. Put me in AZNick mode now because I'm kinda pissed off.

carlk | August 22, 2014

I said in a post before you can be miserable but only if you allow yourself to. I usually try hard to deny myself that opportunity.

karmamule | August 22, 2014

@johncrab Oh my, that sounds like it won't get cleared up soon. I'm bracing myself for my call.... we'll see. Good luck with your delivery and keep us posted.

riceuguy | August 22, 2014

Just remember folks, many of us had it much worse. My original date after a 9 month wait was off by 3+ months which really screwed up my lease termination plans on my old car, and even when it left the factory the date was uncertain. I know it seems painful and frustrating, but as others have pointed out, they're trying to replace the flaps on a moving airplane here!

karmamule | August 22, 2014

@carlk A wise philosophy. I'll try to do the same. The good thing about hobbies is they can provide significant distraction at a time like this.

Maybe now's good to start messing around with UE4 in the meantime...

Captain_Zap | August 22, 2014

Once they get the robots programmed just right the ramp up is incredibly steep. Elon is the one that said it is just a matter of a "flip of the switch". | August 22, 2014

How soon after confirming did you guys receive your VIN? Confirmed a week ago.

Sam_S | August 22, 2014

@johncrab thanks for the update.

So TM still has 'significant' production problems.

From other recent posts/deliveries, I thought they had ironed out the initial bugs and had the production line up to speed.