Model S sighting in West Virginia

Model S sighting in West Virginia

I have been pining over buying a MS for months now, still trying to convince my wife ;) My jaw dropped earlier today when I saw a Blue MS whiz by me at a traffic stop here in Charleston, WV. Would not have expected to see one around these parts. One of my big concerns has been buying an all electric vehicle while living in a rural state far from the current supercharger networks of the west and east coasts. I have a test drive set up in Boston next month while on a trip there and really want to buy this car. So I am taking the off chance that the owner of this West Virginia model S is a reader of this blog (fingers crossed) and wouldn't mind sharing a few thoughts on their experience thus far?


bluefuego | June 18, 2013

Sorry, I don't live in WV, but your post caught my eye as my father and I drove out to WV (Clarksburg) last week for a quick overnight visit (ie we drove out 644 miles on Tuesday from St. Louis and back the next day - all to visit my grandmother's grave). Since our time frame was too short, taking my Model S to and fro would have taken too much time and we opted for my old Volvo.

I say go for it! The last time I checked, at $7,500, WV's state tax incentive was the highest in the country. And it will only be a matter of time till there will be Superchargers in your area (we are playing the waiting game out here in the Midwest as well).

Enjoy your test drive! :)

yonak | June 18, 2013

I live near Wheeling , WV & pick my Model S up 6/20. If you would like to look at one closer let me know.

ppape | June 18, 2013


In case you hadn't seen it, I thought maybe the thread below will help your wife. I'm still trying to get those keys as often as I can, but fully enjoy all the rides we get to take together.

Wish your wife could test drive with you. That goes a LONG way! You won't need any words after that!!

Jackie :-)

romainiacWV | June 18, 2013


Will actually be in Wheeling this weekend, 6/21-6/24, to play in my father's Member/Guest golf tournament. I would love to see MS up close if you are willing to spare a few moments with the new car. Here is my email address,, thanks for the offer!!