MS with a label on the side indicators

MS with a label on the side indicators

I saw an MS with a label on the side indicators, but I can't find anyone selling them... I have the ones for the caps but I want a label for the T on the indicators... Please help

DallasTXModelS | July 25, 2014

Unless you're talking about a colored label I'm not sure what you're asking for. My side markers have a Tesla logo on them from the factory.

Do you have a picture of what you're talking about?

Fins | July 26, 2014

I want to cover the logo with a colored label

Red Sage ca us | August 13, 2014

It sounds like you want to get it 'wrapped' or 'dipped'...? A lot of different companies will apply vinyl films to your car body, emblems, or wheels at your request. Just contact local custom shops.

OffPeak | August 15, 2014

I picked up some at an meetup held at one of the showrooms in the Bay Area last summer (4 for $20). Lots of detailers milling around. I got carbon fiber - looks nice with the spoiler and can't tell it's just a sticker. Unfortunately, don't have the guy's card.

Fins | August 16, 2014

Thanks.. I hope to find them soon