Navigation Issues

Navigation Issues

I spent a lot of time at the Tesla dealership trying to decide on interior colors. While doing so I noticed the following problems with the navigation system.

1. When specifying a location for a long drive, the system only gives turn by turn directions and does not show the route on the map. I was in the Menlo Park show room and this occurred trying to navigate to either LA, Reno or New York. I actually value the map route much more than the turn by turn details.

2. The system does not offer alternative routes like my Toyota Highlander. For example if I would like to drive to Death Valley or Las Vegas, I could go through Tehachapi or through LA. Or if trying to cross the San Francisco Bay, the best route really depends upon traffic conditions. I would like to be able to configure a through point or at a minimum be given a series of route options.

3. I could not find a single configuration button. I prefer to be able to configure items such as the voice of the person giving directions and the MPH estimate for driving distance estimate. I could not determine whether the time estimate was based upon actual traffic conditions or not.

The post on my blog has the photo of the missing route on the screen.

dtich | December 28, 2012

1. maybe be a fw issue, my nav does indicate the route. blue in day, orange at night.

2. yes, alt routes would be welcome and i'm sure they're coming in a future update.

3. alt voices maybe not this time around, we'll see; and mph estimate, i think it is constantly updating based on your current rate averaged over time, it's been quite accurate for me. i don't know whether it takes traffic into account at this point...

TeslaOwnerBlog | December 28, 2012

The navigation would work if it was a closer location, just when it went a fair distance out it was not working. Tried various zoom levels.

I'm sure it is a fixable issue.

PaceyWhitter | December 28, 2012

Is the nav supposed to show a route on the main screen?

I was under the impression that the nav showed a map on the main screen and a turn by turn nav on the secondary screen.

(Don't have a S so I am just going on what I have read)

TeslaTech | December 28, 2012

Yes, the large screen shows the route as well as traffic while the left dash screen shows turn-by-turn. The cars in the showrooms are betas and usually don't have current software. See yellow highlighted route here:

The best video tutorials available for the Model S were done by Cinergi and can be found here: