Need a copilot for ReFuel?

Need a copilot for ReFuel?

Hi, Can I be your co-pilot or passenger for a lap of the ReFuel race Sunday June 30 at Laguna Seca? I'm a big EV fan, having owned a converted Geo Metro as my everyday driver. Ok, it was a different era- but somebody had to help pave the path for you guys :). I am also happy to join anybody for a Sunday drive anywhere in the bay area in their S or Roadster.

Thank you,

Phil H.

GeekEV | June 25, 2013

I'm sure something can be arranged, as long as you have the requisite helmet of course. I may have one or two passengers already. But if you can't find anyone else, seek out car #21...

pasvienne | June 25, 2013

I don't mind either. Look for #676 if you need a ride...

Phil H. | June 26, 2013

Thanks, I appreciate it.

GeekEV | July 3, 2013

Here's my race footage, for those who are interested: