No Pyongyang Tesla Store?!

No Pyongyang Tesla Store?!

'The resolution specifies some luxury items North Korea's elite is not allowed to import, such as yachts, racing cars, luxury automobiles and certain types of jewelry. This is intended to close a loophole that had allowed countries to decide for themselves what constitutes a luxury good.'

I guess Kim Jong Un and his cronies will have to learn to behave nice and not threaten nuclear attacks before getting a Model S's to cruise around in their workers paradise! Or they will have wait for Generation III which the UN might not consider a 'luxury automobile'...

olanmills | March 7, 2013

Why would they have a Tesla store in Pyongyang? Don't you know? Kim Jong Il invented Tesla Motors 20 years ago and released the revolutionary Tesla Roadster. Kim Jong Un recently designed, developed, and handbuilt 3,000 Model Ses and has since instructed other workers on how to produce the Model S to power the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's economy so that it is even better than it already was, and also so that he can better focus his skills on improving the world in other ways.(though it takes 10,000 workers to match Kim Jong Un's productivitiy). They don't really need a store there. Everyone can just have a new Tesla since the are able to make so many.

Brian H | March 7, 2013

Don't forget the fusion reactor they perfected a couple of years ago that now lights up the whole country at night, and will keep all the NV-EVs stuffed full of joules.

TeslaRocks | March 8, 2013

Lights up the whole country at night, but even better than ordinary lighting, because they invented a method to eliminate light pollution, which is why North Korea looks pitch black at night as seen from space. It is all thanks to dear leader.

FLsportscarenth... | March 8, 2013

Oh yes and do not forget that the Eternal President, the great Kim Il Sung invented electricity, Edison and Tesla were lured away by evil capitalists and just claimed all the credit for themselves - those dirty traitors!

That's right, who needs stores in the wonderful DPRK! Stores are for capitalist oppressors! Juche spirit will lead North Korea to greatness, you will see!

TeslaRocks | April 2, 2013

Dear leader is getting mad. Did we provoke him with our sarcasm or did he just realize that he won't get to own a Tesla anytime soon?

420weblazeit | September 7, 2014

Now, all jokes aside. One could easily, and legally import Teslas, perhaps for "living" hahaha

Thing of it this way, luxury automobiles may be banned from import to North Korea, but how does a European get a Tesla? It gets shipped in as "Electric car parts" tax-free to Netherlands, assembled into a fully functional car, and then freedom of goods means that you can then import the vehicle which has been manufactured/imported/constructed in another European Union member state

What's to say, one couldn't dis-assemble a Tesla after taking it home from a dealership in the US, claiming to use it for in the country, then dis-assemble it and on pallets send it to the DPRK? This would be "electric car parts" and a "battery". Also note that the border guards in China are corrupt, as with the DPRK so you could go... unnoticed

A friend of mine imported a US Tesla Model S to Armenia, and was able to replace the 3G SIM card with a local one, and everything worked perfectly well. This means that the 3G modem, although set to one APN, works with any SIM card/carrier, without any software modifications

So, there is a 3G service for "foreigners" and some special people with connections also have internet via Koryolink

North Korea Tech also stated:
Foreigners visiting North Korea should be able to get mobile data service on their cellphones within the coming week, according to a report on Friday.

Koryolink, the country’s only 3G cellphone network, plans to allow visitors to buy mobile Internet when they arrive in the country, the AP said in a report from Pyongyang. The service will launch by March 1, it said.

North Koreans will still be banned from accessing the Internet.

The addition of mobile Internet comes several weeks after North Korea reversed a long-standing policy that banned visitors from bringing cellphones into the country. They were previously taken by customs officials at the port of entry and kept until the visitor left the country, but in January that was changed and visitors were allowed to bring in their phones and buy prepaid voice-only SIM cards.

The AP reported that visitors will be allowed to “tweet, Skype and surf the Internet,” although it’s unclear if access to those services has been confirmed. Carriers sometimes block Skype and other network services.

The AP said it hadn’t been able to confirm pricing details for the mobile Internet service. The prepaid voice service required an initial payment of at least 50 euro for the SIM card, which included some calling credit.

At the time call charges between 38 cents (France and Switzerland) and 1.58 euro (U.K. and Germany) were confirmed. The AP reported calls to the U.S. were also possible at 5 euro per minute.

More than a million North Koreans have cellphones, according to Koryolink. The company is a joint venture between the state-run Korea Posts and Telecommunications Co. and Egypt’s Orascom Telecom Media and Technology (OTMT).

The country runs a tiered phone service in which different classes of caller are allowed access to different services. Regular citizens that can afford a phone are not permitted to call overseas and also barred from calling numbers owned by foreign residents. Foreign residents will typically be able to call overseas, but cannot call the numbers of ordinary North Koreans.

Orascom has confirmed that the government has the capability to monitor cellphone calls. This is likely to extend to the cell phone lines used by foreigners under the new service.

So I think if someone wanted to, they could ship their Teslas to North Korea, invite the elite and the leader, and then tether their Tesla to a 3G modem, or if inside a building to an unrestricted WiFi internet connection, show the map, show the screen where the driver can read the news, show the map and the navigation, turn the camera on. Then tell them that the corrupt police can't steal their gasoline (cops regularly siphon out of cars and sell gas for gifts/money e.g vodka) and that it's 416 horsepower which is silent and can be recharged for free

The elite, those who would buy a 50,000 Euro car, would have generators and/or sufficient charging measures in place at home or at work

This really could happen, if anyone is interested, let me know

carlgo | September 7, 2014

My money is on elevated freeways and 400mph cars for the elite and a Hyperloop for steerage class.

420weblazeit | September 7, 2014

carlgo, Haha

Would you be interested in advertising and helping bring Teslas to the DPRK though? It could be a good buisness. Imagine Tesla's HQ though, finding out that their Tesla has just been located in North Korea and that's where they need to send their upgrades to xD