No Tesla rep for delivery?

No Tesla rep for delivery?

I was told that I will not be getting a Tesla rep at the delivery when my car is delivered in the next 3 days. Did they stop doing that for everybody?? Kinna disappointed.

bobinfla | December 28, 2012

My understanding is that Production has ramped up faster than their number of trained delivery specialists, so it's now a hit or miss proposition. If they have 8 cars to deliver in a given day and a DS can only do 3 deliveries (just a number I made up), then 3 will get the Delivery Experience and 5 will miss out. I would like to get the Experience, but if it means waiting longer for my car, then I can do without. Pretty sure that everything in the Delivery experience is stuff that would have been figured out in the first couple days of playing anyway.

Chris DC | December 28, 2012

I did not have a personal delivery either but had to pick up my car at the DC store. Was told TM did not have a Maryland dealer license yet which would prohibit them from personal deliveries.

Velo1 | December 28, 2012

^ I was told the same thing. However, since I want the car sooner than later, I was told I can schedule a Delivery Specialist later in January, even February. I actually prefer a later DS meeting, as I will have time to play with the car and figure things out on my own. Then when the DS comes, I will be able to have more focused questions about items I couldn't solve on my own or through reading this forum. Plus, the DS could fix the things I probably will break/de-program in the interim :)~

Brian H | December 28, 2012

yes, and hopefully make a start on deprogramming some of the bad habits you've taught yourself!! And maybe show you how to achieve in 1 or 2 steps what you figgered out how to do in 10.


weustis | December 29, 2012

I did not get a DS in Charlotte. I think it's really just a matter of how close you are to a store. My car was delivered by a car transporter that had dropped off cars in TN and GA. I did have an orientation call with someone from Tesla that was helpful in explaining some of the less intuitive features. I was bummed not to have a DS, but it worked out fine.

Jolinar | December 29, 2012

Does anybody know what is delivery or production rate at the moment? Is it already 400 cars a week?

bsimoes | December 29, 2012

If it has to do with proximity, I would hope that they'd realize those of us farther away would need the delivery specialist all the's not like we can just drop in to the store when it's a few hundred miles away!

riceuguy | December 29, 2012

@Jolinar, it is believed to actually be 400 or perhaps even greater at the moment. It is believed they will get to VIN number 3000 or higher by tomorrow!

adstein | December 29, 2012

My car, VIN 3,092 was completed a few days ago. Saw VINs as high as 3,670 finishing assembly on Thursday.

jjaeger | December 29, 2012

adstein - interesting data point as I saw VINs in the 322x range at body assembly on Sunday 12-23. This might imply 400+ or thereabout.

jackhub | December 29, 2012

In another thread, Vin 3235 reported loading on truck Monday the 31st.

trydesky | December 29, 2012


Did they deliver your car to your house? Or did you have to goto TN?

I'm in Raleigh, and I suspect I'll be getting similar treatment.

DanD | December 29, 2012

I guess the whole great experience thing has just been brushed aside.

KendallPB | January 1, 2013

@Chris DC - interesting, I was never given that explanation. I was just told that things were too busy/ramped up so they would temp register the car in California and ship direct to me, but that I'd pay MD tax as a MD sale (thus getting the MD tax credit). Surprising that they don't have a MD license yet...I mean the Rockville and Rockwell locations will be service centers, but still, they should get a MD license!

timdorr | January 1, 2013

That's the first I've heard of MD issues. I know they cannot do a personal delivery in TX, GA, AZ, and possibly MA as well. Those states all have laws forbiding direct interaction with customers if you don't have a dealers license (which Tesla doesn't have in any state except possibly CA).

KendallPB | January 3, 2013

Yeah, I'd never heard MD as one of those states...but if Chris heard they didn't have a license in MD yet, then it sounds like a temporary thing.