"Our intent is to get a car to someone, in like 2-3 weeks" !!!

"Our intent is to get a car to someone, in like 2-3 weeks" !!!

10:30 of conference call
"Our intent is to get a car to someone, in like 2-3 weeks"

That is new great news!

ChasF | February 20, 2013

Unless you've ordered the 40kWh (or so it would seem).

jchangyy | February 20, 2013

perhaps I should've waited...

kilimats | February 20, 2013

where can i read more about this conference ?

TylerDurdenLives | February 20, 2013

Listen to it here (need to register)

jat | February 20, 2013

I am sure he means after they have caught up the backlog of reservations.

cprenzl | February 20, 2013

of course in the coming years. Sorry about the delay on your car jchangyy :( From what I heard, any delivery difficulties are forgotten as soon as you get the car. Tesla is only recieving 8% of orders for the 40 Kwh. I see also from my surveys that the average amount or options is about 12k-14k!!! so I would say average car cost is actually about 85k (not including tax rebate)!!!
which means they could be looking at about 1.85 billion in revenue from model s this year!!!
and with profit margin : 465 million in profit!!!!!

I'm picking up more shares tomorrow I think since they are on sale for some reason?!?!

craig.tesla | February 21, 2013

cprenzl: The survey is missing a 6k-8k option for options. Since the instructions said "round up", I chose 8k-10k when I actually only have $6,900 or something in options. So your estimate is likely on the high side, cos I expect that's happened for other respondents too.

Chuck Lusin | February 21, 2013

+1 ChasF!