PowerOutage Procedure? Unplug right away?

PowerOutage Procedure? Unplug right away?

Power just went out on my block. My car was set to start charging at 4:30am in prep for my morning.

I unplugged the car right away as I was concerned about a power surge once power was restored by the utility.

Had enough charge for tomorrow either way.

My question... does the power cable have built in power surge protection and or does the model S?

Better safe than sorry I just unplugged the car. Power is now back on so I plugged it back in.

Guess its good to keep the car charged for emergency type situations.

ir | October 15, 2013

Leave it plugged in. The car always gradually ramps charging to avoid surges. Those giant 10-20kWh rectifiers can take quite a beating. They can absorb pretty much any surge that may hit it.

RanjitC | October 15, 2013

+1 ir

Peter7 | October 16, 2013

The HPWC documentation states it has a random timer inside of it that, after a power outage will enable charging within 5 minutes of power being restored thereby preventing a surge or slug of current at neighborhood power-on, and locally if there are multiple HPWCs all plugged into cars. That being said, I have not fully tested this...

Peter | October 16, 2013

As part of the Tesla-related electrical upgrades, I has a whole-house surge protector installed to help mitigate any potential weirdness from the grid. It was about $400 installed.


Pungoteague_Dave | October 18, 2013

Both the charging circuitry inside the HPWC and the car's onboard systems have surge protection. Nothing bad can happen even if we do something stupid like shorting the cable outside of the car, although we could start a local fire... just a matter of time

AmpedRealtor | October 18, 2013

The only time I've unplugged while in the garage was during a particularly fierce lightning storm. I thought it better safe than sorry, although it may have been pointless.