Problems with Car

Problems with Car

Took delivery 12/18. Worked great for 5 days. Then, lots of problems. Realized the paint on the hood is scratched and has blemishes (looks terrible). My NAV doesn't work (it shows Palo Alto and I live in Chicago). The chrome door pieces for front and rear driver doors were put on incorrectly and need to be reordered. And, this week the front door handle stopped working. I now need to roll down all the windows and open this car from the inside door handle! Tesla seems overwhelmed and unable to cope with all of these issues (I read on another side that others are having paint problems)

I am so frustrated with all of these problems. Had I known about this before I made a final order I never would've purchased this car. I wish I could take this car back to them now. Be forewarned.

Anthony H | January 25, 2013

The real-life experiences of those, in freakin cold climates, is invaluable. Thank you!
Those of us in the south (Arizona, in my case) are ignorant and dreading the implications of 110f degree temperatures in the shade, plus running the battery-powered AC at full-blast while driving across the ARIZONA DESERT (I.E., DEATH).

There is another side of this coin, we haven't seen yet.

(60kWh, no freakin glass roof...)

New thread...

andychen1 | January 27, 2013

Took delivery of my Model S Performance 5 days ago. It's an awesome car and overall I'm pleased with the purchase, but I am having some problems that I hope Tesla can fix quickly. The most serious issue is that the doors aren't working properly. At first the driver side rear door would not open from the outside, and now it doesn't open at all. Today the front passenger door stopped working from the outside. The handles extend, but the little light in the handle is not on, and they don't open the door. Does anybody know what the problem might be?

Also the car was delivered covered in dust and had a scratch on the roof. I also have the condensation problem in the rear reflectors that others have mentioned. The ranger is supposed to be coming out in three days to address these issues. I'll see how helpful they are.

nickjhowe | January 27, 2013

@andychen1 - the handle issue will probably require replacing the handles, based on what others have said in other posts.

The scratch on the roof is obviously unacceptable and TM needs to take the car back and fix it.

I think the condensation issue is "works as designed" unfortunately.

TiburonTesla | January 27, 2013

@DeborahS - I've heard of several others who had this same issue and had a faulty mic replaced in their car.

Other than that, not sure if it's an iOS issue since you mentioned you are on a 3GS which probably has a bit dated iOS. Perhaps you can try it with someone else's newer device just to see if the behavior is the same?

Mocaptain | February 18, 2013

I took delivery on Thursday. The only issues I saw were as follows:
1) Hood defect (likely in the stamping process)
2) trunk is not properly aligned

Tesla said they would take car of it but the hood defect is not a good one. Basically the nose of the hood where it meets the passenger side headlight was not molded properly. It sticks out a little rather than follow the lines downward to meet the grill. Clearly a stamping issue. The big concern is that likely since they stamp these hoods in batches, there are many other hoods out there with this same defect.

Has anyone else notice this hood defect?

The other concern is that they talked to me about one potential option of taking it to a collision center to fix my brand new 100k car. Unacceptable.

Ball is in Tesla's court to remedy the problems.

Kevin | February 18, 2013

Do we have to accept the car with defects if they are noticed at delivery?

I am expecting my 85P this month...

nickjhowe | February 18, 2013

There is a slight asymmetry to my hood, but only noticeable if you are looking for it.

Mocaptain | February 18, 2013

I don't believe you have to but I would call HQ and ask that question. These cars are supposed to be inspected for these issues before they arrive. Seems like the inspection is light at best.

Look for irregular gaps etc. If I could do it over again, I would have had them take it back to reinspect and deliver the car perfect before taking delivery.

drp | February 18, 2013


So did you ever get these problems fixed? I don't see any word from you.

Mocaptain | February 18, 2013

nickJ - I would say something to tesla service.

nickjhowe | February 18, 2013

I will. I might also get them to look at the chrome around the rear window too. I saw someone else's car (won't say who) and their chrome was WAY out on one side. Mine is just a little off.

mark_g | February 19, 2013

I had a problem that I did not notice until my first car wash when I noticed a few dings in the paint at the rear portion of the driver's side. At first I thought, "oh well it was going to happen eventually", then I looked closer and noticed that the body armor applied by TM was placed over the dings. Other than that, all else seems fine but it does raise a question about outgoing quality especially during the December to remember push.

village33 | February 20, 2013

Sorry to hear of problems. Seems to be the minority though and Tesla seems to be working hard to clean them up. Mine came yesterday, P85 no issues. Went through whole checklist from forum, also tested charging time, phone sync, USB music, cold weather impact, overnight charge loss, app, nav, voice commands, driving, exterior/interior, VIN verification by DS, temp plates, etc. All as good or better than suggested. Road range testing will take some weeks and I'll have the bumper bolts double checked when I have some time. Given that there are likely almost 6000 cars on the road, it's frankly surprising how few issues there are but I do look forward to a speedy resolution of anyone's open issues. | February 20, 2013

@village33 Agreed, I had expected more issues with the rapid end of year ramp up-- I remain impressed with Tesla

prash.saka | February 20, 2013

@Rodloew ... that's bad. Take it to the service center and let them know that you are mad by the quality. Let's know what they have to say. I know that almost everyone had a positive exprience, which is a good thing. But, that still doesn't make it right for you.

Mocaptain | February 20, 2013

update...I submitted my issue last Friday, Ranger came onsite Monday. I was told that the manufacture defect on the hood would be potentially resolved by a collision center in MA. After telling the ranger that the cheap short cut is unacceptable I was told someone would be back in touch by end of day Monday with a solution. Its now almost Thursday and no call back.
I love my Tesla but one benefit of dealerships is if something is not satisfactory upon delivery, You return the car back to the dealership for a new one or refund. That sort of leverage demands quality.
I hope my problems and the over all quality improves quickly or this is going to be disastrous for tesla with scale of production.

Mocaptain | February 21, 2013

Another update...
Received an email from Tesla...They are ordering a new hood for my car. Priming it at the factory and shipping it out shortly. They will paint and install at the service center after. I am happy that they ultimately decided not to cut corners and replace it properly. They also said that they will be making some adjustments to the hatch while they have my car down at the service center. I am on the path to satisfaction.

rloehler | February 21, 2013

I checked, got my car delivered on February 5, and definitely don't have Mocaptain's problem!

toto_48313 | February 27, 2013

Mocaptain, the hood of my car got the same issue, and as of today it's on the "due list", but don't know yet what will be the solution. Your feedback is a good news, as they may apply the same fix to my car.

ZDM | February 27, 2013

Mocaptain, our delivery at Fremont was at the beginning of February and we had the exact same hood alignment or stamping problem on the passenger side. They offered to keep it & fix it as well as figure out why it passed their inspection. Two weeks later they delivered us the same car, fixed perfectly.