Sales tax

Sales tax

Hi all. I've done a few searchs (using Google since there is no search function!).

In Connecticut, we pay sales tax on the net amount of new car minus trade-in value. But, it would be on the full amount of a Tesla, because the "trade-in" technically goes to AutoNation. However, I was recently told on 4/20/13 by Westchester employees that we will now pay sales tax (at least in CT) on the net amount. Not sure how.

Can anyone verify this? Does anyone else have similar experiences in CT?

Thank you

Brian H | April 23, 2013

Use to search here.

alexlchan | April 23, 2013

Thanks Brian. I did a few search using volkerize, but apparently this is a very recent change (calculating sales tax on the net amount post trade-in).

Does anyone have experience with that? Has Tesla changed the trade-in model to technically take the trade-in and then maybe immediately resell it to Autonation?

Brian H | April 23, 2013

Yeah, it takes time for the Google crawlers to update everything, so the last few days posts may not be found.

abrahambeckers | May 15, 2013

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Brian H | May 15, 2013

That resembled English, but made little sense.