Sound System Issues

Sound System Issues

So I received my Model S Sig (VIN 651) on Tuesday night and for all of you who are still waiting.... Be patient and it will pay off. The car is a gorgeous beast of a machine and will knock your socks off beauty and performance wise. As much as I am in love with the car, I am distraught at the quality of the sound system. I am currently fiddling with the equalizer/ fade to get the best out of it, but the sound seems thin at best. Honestly, my 2010 Prius V has a better quality stereo. I hope I can dial it in to where it sounds better. Many of you may not listen to AM stations, but my local sports station sounds horrible and has a lot of buzzing, and it cuts out when going under even the smallest of overpasses. The bluetooth connection with my IPhone 5 is terrible. It is constantly loosing connection while streaming music and calls over bluetooth. I helps a LITTLE bit to put the phone in the cubby under the screen, but I would consider it a failure in terms of satisfaction as compared to other manufacturer's offerings. If anybody has any ideas, please help me out.

GeekEV | August 8, 2013

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Alright everyone, I've asked some very clear specific questions about the Dolby Surround features to ownership and here's the definitive answers from Tesla. Specifically, see the last question and answer. Perhaps that accounts for much of the confusion here.

Q: Both the car and website simply reference "Dolby Surround". Specifically, what Dolby mode(s) are implemented? Dolby Digital? Dolby TruHD? Dolby ProLogic? Dolby ProLogic II? Dolby ProLogic IIx?

A: Model S with the Ultra High Fidelity Sound package features Dolby ProLogic IIx.

Q: If one of the Dolby ProLogic II types, do you implement the Movie or Music mode?

A: Model S uses Music mode as a bases, but [our] ProLogic IIx is specifically tuned to Model S. In fact, we have different tuning with or without the panoramic roof.

Q: Some people are asserting that they've been told by service that they need specifically encoded multi-channel audio sources in Dolby Digital 7.1 and that the Dolby Surround ON setting is only useful in those scenarios. Is that true?

A: This is not true. The purpose of ProLogic IIx is to convert 2 channel sources into multichannel sources. There is no need for the customer to provide multichannel media. That said, Dolby is not available with AM, FM, or XM sources, which is displayed in the vehicle.