Sun Roof Seal

Sun Roof Seal

The seal to the on the back side of the sun roof, on both sides has come unglued and unclipped. I was able to clip it back in but the first time I opened and closed the sun roof it unclipped again.

Am I the only one with this problem?


Carefree | April 2, 2013

Meredith, no you are not alone. I have the same problem with mine - happened during the first week we had our Model S. I did the same thing, tucked it back in and it keeps the seal now. I don't dare opening the pano roof anymore. Our service center in Phoenix is not operational yet and I don't consider this issue worth a ranger visit - even though it would not cost us anything. I'll wait a few more weeks and hopefully we'll have a service center by then to take care of the issue.

shop | April 2, 2013

I had it happen too. It occurred when I open/closed the roof while driving about 50 mph. I too will wait for a bit before bugging Tesla about it. So far, it has only become unglued on the driver side for me.

Mike C | April 2, 2013

Yeah, a loose seal on the driver side back corner was the only thing wrong with my car, noticed it in the first week. I took it to the service center a couple weeks ago and they showed me excess glue at the bottom where it sticks to and forces the seal loose when you open the roof. The service center cut off a piece of the rubber seal and said they will have to order the replacement from Fremont, because they had already used the 20 or so spares they had for others with the same issue. They said they will call when the part is in. Without the seal, there might be a little more wind noise but it's still pretty quiet.

gasnomo | April 2, 2013

same here, happened the day I received my MS when my DS opened the sunroof for the first time...still isn't fixed.

Brian H | April 2, 2013

Nice to see no one is coming unglued. >:)

jason_freedman | April 2, 2013

Mine isn't nearly that bad, but at high speeds - say over 65 - I get a lot of wind noise through the sunroof. Really annoying considering how quiet everything else is.

I dropped by the Queens NY service center yesterday but they really couldn't do anything since the seal looks ok. I didn't have time to do much more but will probably take it up again next time I need to go to one of the centers.


Meredith | April 3, 2013

Thanks for sharing. I have not heard back from Watertown Mas. service yet... A bit upset since I sent the email a few days ago. Let's hope Tesla has someone who just reads posts (could be an interesting job) and these types of little things will be improved through the MSes that are produced down the line.

Things you must deal with as an early adopter I guess...