Supercharger stations in Canada?

Supercharger stations in Canada?

Hi all,

I'm very excited to see the launch of the supercharging stations on the 24th, but as a Canadian, I'm wondering if there will actually be any in Canada.

According to this video interview of Elon at Bloomberg:, it sounds like they will only be in the US at first.

Does anyone have any info to the contrary?



Jewsh | September 21, 2012

Yes, more info please. :-)

I heard there should be a Tesla station in Kingston...

ColinBowern | September 21, 2012

While test driving the production model on Monday they mentioned a corridor of charging stations being built between Windsor and Montreal. I would assume along the 401.

stephen.kamichik | September 21, 2012

Sun Country Highway (a Canadian company) is planning to install charging stations along highway 401.

RobertMontreal | September 21, 2012

Thanks @stephen,

Although the Sun Country news is good, I'll assume they will be installing AC chargers. I'd really like to see some supercharging DC stations from Tesla. Especially in the Montreal to Windsor corridor.

stephen.kamichik | September 21, 2012

The Ambassador Hotel in Kingston has an EV charging station.

Sudre_ | September 21, 2012

I have a question for the Canadians.

Once the charging network is up to par I was thinking about taking a considerable amount of time off and do another NW driving trip (from St. Louis. I did 3 month is 1997). My wife has not seen BC and I love Victoria.

I imagine those beautiful parks I see North of Vancouver have RV camping or more to the point plugs?.? Like a 14-50 or is it different?

Brian H | September 21, 2012

The US and Canadian electrical "regimes" are identical. | January 9, 2013

Would Toronto at the mall the Tesla store is at. I live 180 Km's from the store. If I was picking someone up at the airport I could pop into the Tesla store just for a visit while I through in some kw's. Have a coffee maybe visit with a fellow owner all for 20-30 mins, then have enough electrons to make it back to Owen Sound. Winter will reduce range a bit.

dstiavnicky | January 9, 2013

The good people at the Tesla Toronto store are telling me a Supercharging station will appear this summer in between Trenton and Kingston along the 401. That would open Toronto to Montreal up easily... now I just need to find a good place to charge overnight in Montreal...

stephen.kamichik | January 9, 2013

I think the Sheraton Center in Laval has a charging station. Laval is just north of Montreal. Try

stephen.kamichik | January 9, 2013

Or is it

Vawlkus | January 10, 2013

I hope one gets placed in Atlantic Canada at some point. May not be many here, but one strategic placement could serve 3 provinces for travel.

clea | January 10, 2013
pbrulott | January 10, 2013

On the 401, they need to put 2 SC not one. Even for the 85 kWh pack 150 miles in 30 min is not enough to make it to Montreal from Toronto.

Definitely need 2 if they want this to be serious(every 130-200km - 80-130 miles)

drp | January 15, 2013

Seems to me that the Sun Country highway chargers are great and quickly covered coast to They partnered with hotels and restaurants. I wonder if Tesla could partner with them as well? Their chargers are fast, powerful, and smaller than a gas pump. I would love to see that happen. I may even drive through Canada just to go coast to coast in the US until Tesla's are finished!

DouglasR | January 15, 2013

Note that the Sun Country chargers are not superchargers. They deliver about 70 amps, so you would need twin chargers to take full advantage of them.

Brian H | January 16, 2013

A very good argument for every Canadian buyer to opt for dual chargers! And for any Americans wanting a continuous E-W run on 70A.

drp | January 16, 2013

Living in Chicago, I worry that I won't be able to take a trip conveniently until 2015. The more charging power in the middle of the country, the better. For now Coastal Supecharging doesn't do us any good and there is no clue about the installation of them. This Canadian group has done a fantastic job and I think we can learn from that. hey installed them quickly and their partnering idea worked.

Brian H | January 17, 2013

The Sun string of chargers in Canada has nothing to do with Tesla in particular; it's generic EV charging, funded by local accommodation and other tourist/traveller-associated businesses.

JohnQ | January 17, 2013

The advantage with Sun Country is that a large number of locations opted for the 90A charging unit which provides, if I remember correctly, 72A continuous. So, if voltages are the same, 80% more than even a 50A outlet at an RV park.

In the US, with the exception of superchargers and some west coast installations, businesses are opting for low amperage chargers.

drp | January 17, 2013


I know but Sun has done a great job and I don't care who makes it. It's free and much faster than say Chargepoint

Bawyn | May 30, 2013

Can the Tesla vehicles truly survive a Prairie winter? Manitoban here, doubting this car could survive the ice/blizzards here without dying, or having enough torque to pull out of snow-drifts etc. Can the batteries hold up against the ice and cold?

hingisfan | March 26, 2014

Are you crazy? This car can handle anything.

vgarbutt | May 2, 2014

I wonder if it makes sense for sun country to install dc dual charger supercharging that tesla drivers can use?

Even if it has a cost per charge. I personally believe that the era of evs has arrived, and the rate the model e will sell at, the tesla demographic will be signifigant by 2018. Sure, Elon can build free energy into the purchase price, but on the model e it will hopefully be an option. The precedent of paying for fuel, after all, isnt new and the fees are needed to maintain the system.

Hopefully the other mfgs will adopt supercharging capabilities which is what the industry really needs anyway.

May the fatest charger tech win.

I hope tesla creates a flexible franchise product for those that want to combine a business with a charging location.

Brian H | May 3, 2014

"dc dual charger" makes no sense. DC charging has nothing to do with the internal (rectifiers) chargers in the Tesla. Supercharging bypasses them completely.

shop | May 3, 2014

@Brian, vgar meant having a single DC fast EVSE that was multi protocol and multi handled. Ie the EVSE handled both Chademo and Tesla charging natively.

Tesltoronto | May 4, 2014

The Tesla folks at Toronto sold me the car saying that they will have a supercharger station near Niagara falls and on the Toronto-Montreal corridor this (2014) summer. Hopefully that was not all sales talk.

EJH | May 4, 2014

A "little bird" told me to expect the first Supercharger at the facility on Lawrence, and then at points going east before going west.

jcherian3 | June 15, 2014

Does anyone have any further info on supercharges in Ontario. As we move into cottage season a charger in Barrie would be great

stephen.kamichik | June 15, 2014

Probably no Canadian SCs until 2015 (prediction using "Tesla Time").

Tesltoronto | June 16, 2014

The coming 'soon' still shows some chargers and the 2014 seems promising. I guess we just have to wait till they update the map - since there seems to be no other form of official communication.

Well Model X is also promised in 2015. May be before they are released?

Al1 | June 16, 2014

There was an update for canadian owners on a different thread. It pretty much confirmed the current schedule is still valid.

rjmason65 | September 1, 2014

Our Tesla arrives soon in Ottawa and supercharger stations are essential for travel to Toronto.

Understand Cornwall and Toronto (Lawrence site) are now open.

Barrie and Drummonville sites with addresses have been set. - now stations need to be built.

However Key for Toronto travel from Montreal and Ottawa is station planned for Kingston. Still cannot get word from Tesla about timing of Kingston station.

Does anyone have any ideas when this station will be up and running?

tom | September 1, 2014

If you check the supercharger map online it currently shows a Supercharger in Toronto but Google Maps does not.
PlugShare shows it online and comments indicate it opened about a week ago.