Tesla API for 3rd party app development

Tesla API for 3rd party app development

Is it out yet? I see someone doing a Twitter account updates that look like they're doing that.

Where does one get the docs for that? I'd love to develop an app for myself.

HansJ | February 14, 2013

It is not out. Everything has been done by analysing the underlying protocol that the Android and iPhone apps use. Nothing official yet from Tesla unfortunately.

jat | February 14, 2013

There are several APIs that are in progress. A python API has been published, and I am working on a Java library that can be used on Android, server-side Java, and in the browser compiled with GWT.

It is a simple REST API (other than the streaming part, which we haven't decoded yet, and the fact that state-changing operations improperly use GET rather than POST), so if you can make HTTP requests with a bit of cookie management, you will be able to do it in whatever language you choose.

nickjhowe | February 15, 2013

There's also a PHP class library that aa012a put together. Am playing with it.

jeroens | February 19, 2013

any progress on the Steaming API?

olanmills | February 19, 2013

Got any good links on the matter?

I found this:

jat | February 19, 2013

Yes, we have the streaming API working (I am collecting all the data for my car whenever it changes or every 250ms while driving). It is pretty straightforward, other than reconnecting after a timeout (which involves refreshing tokens). If you are interested in writing your own, email me and I will share the doc.

Prasad B | May 2, 2013 have you been able to get the java code working? I can get the cookie "_s_portal_session", but I never get the "user_credentials" cookie, even though the login works. Without the second cookie, the subsequent REST calls fail.

craig.tesla | May 2, 2013

The nodejs module works great and is super easy to use if you have nodejs installed.

Prasad B | May 2, 2013

Ok, I was able to get the Java login working - the rest should be easy. The key piece that needed to be done was to set the FollowRedirects to false (HttpsURLConnection.setInstanceFollowRedirects(false)) otherwise the "user_credentials" was not being sent for subsequent calls.

hoffa24 | May 2, 2013

Are there any 3rd party apps available yet?

EVTripPlanner | May 2, 2013

We used the reverse-engineered API to create a Java "Tracker App" at

This app is what we're using to collect data to tune the "Route Energy Calculator" at (or the in-car version at )

While this is cool, integrating into an in-car browser app that uses the live data stream needs to go through a server that is tracking the cars (instead of using the data directly through an in-car API). Hope they open something up...but I could imagine there would be significant liability issues and they couldn't be expected to test/certify all third party apps (even though they wouldn't interact with the "driving system").

teichsta | September 4, 2013

> Ok, I was able to get the Java login working - the rest should be easy.

Are you going to share your (Java) code? Would be great to integrate the Model S with HomeAutomation Systems like openHAB … using the TTS-Engine or the Philipps Hue to inform about the current load factor, using Location Data to activate certain "coming home processes", etc..


Thomas E.-E.

webpicasso | December 1, 2014

Tesla Apps - Premium Dashboard solution for the Tesla Model S

New Thread here:

jason | May 23, 2016

I did do this with a Golang library I released:

My question is, is there more data available via the API than what I am tapping into here?: