Tesla to j1772 adapter

Tesla to j1772 adapter

Has anyone come across a Tesla to J1772 adapter? I ran into Clipper creek adapters with the Tesla plug all the time and would love to be able to connect the new Model S to them.


nickjhowe | May 10, 2013

Not sure what you mean. The Model S comes with a J1772 adapter.

FredM | May 10, 2013

Sorry - let me expand. I was asking about an adapter that would let me connect the new model s to an old "roadster style" tesla charger. We have one at work and there is an entire network of chargers that still have the old adapters and have not migrated to the 1772 standard.

Sorry for the confusion.

Tâm | May 10, 2013

Hi FredM:

For a cool $650 you can have what you just asked for: Roadster High Power Wall Connector to Model S Adapter

txjak | May 10, 2013

There is a roadster charger to Model S, but it's kinda pricey.

FredM | May 10, 2013

Perfect. Not very cheap. ;). But even better - adapter straight to the new charging port. Thanks.

djm12 | May 11, 2013

Wouldn't it be obvious for Tesla to expand the current roadster charging locations to include Model S superchargers?

DouglasR | May 11, 2013

@djm - Most of the Roadster charging locations have no connection to TM. Also, they use 240 volts like the HPWC.

LALAMO | May 11, 2013

What about the use of an extension cord for charging the Model S? I read on one thread that a camco RV extension cord might be adequate. I need a bit of extra length beyond the 20' of the Tesla charger, particularly when charging at the home of friends while on a road trip.

shop | May 11, 2013

If you are plugging into a nema 14-50, then yes, a 50 amp RV extension cord will work. Some people don't like the camco extension cord since it is pretty stiff, but I haven't seen an alternative. I have one and it works fine, but it is hard to straighten out.

Oliver in Seattle | May 11, 2013

I Wish my model S came with a J1772 adaptor. I think it's the one thing left on the list that Tesla owes me.


LALAMO | May 11, 2013

Thanks for that info; now, what if I am going to have to use an adapter as well? In other words, I can't plug into a NEMA, but just a regular outlet. Will the RV extension cord help me under those circumstances? And does it need to be a 50 amp cord?