Is there a "Shop Manual"?

Is there a "Shop Manual"?

For all my cars in the past i have always bought the Dealer "Shop Manual" or "Service Manual".
It typically has all the information about a car, including things like valve clearances, gear lash tolerances etc.

Concrete example: My wife hit the front bumper when parking the car, resulting in a permanent dent in the lower bumper "skirt" or splash guard.

I know that I can push it out from the inside with a heatgun, but for that I will need to take off the part.
The service manual would give a good overview of which clips to loosen and where the part is snapped vs. glued.

Anyone know of the existence of such a manual?
Or is there 3rd party tear-down manuals such as Chilton or Haynes (searched both, they have no Tesla coverage yet)

There must be more DIY car nuts out there who itch to disassemble the car?

TFMethane | June 21, 2013

Not aware of it. However, google the first responder manual. At least that tells you where the dangerous parts are so you won't get electrocuted.

RFBrost | June 21, 2013

In January, I damaged my Model S and tried to get access to any documentation on the front body panels and I was told that the service department doesn’t have any documentation yet. The techs are trained at the factory and learn how the cars are built but they haven’t generated a shop manual.

Publishers deal with markets where there are 1M vehicles and maybe .1% buy the manual so maybe they can sell 1,000 books. Tesla has a long way to go to get those kinds of numbers.

TFMethane | June 21, 2013

Arrgh! They're like the old salty shipwrights of Nova Scotia who'll lay down a keel and frame yer vessel w' nary a pencil nor paper.

gt1485a | June 21, 2013

No shop manuals. I'll take an electronic copy of Teslas documentation, no need to get publishers involved to make something in paper. Besides i've got a 17" screen to show it on! Another thread on this:

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | June 21, 2013

If you get eventually get a PDF shop manual, I'll print and bind one for you for free, after I make mine of course. My Model S is in the back charging now. (

cnkurzke | June 21, 2013

Yes, a PDF would of course be super fine - even better than paper, since the ~3000 page 3 volume books for my latest Ford Excusion are occasionally hard to search... Ctrl-S is much easier. ;)

Thanks @gt1485a for the link.

I still have not found a search function in the forum here.
I added my $0.02 to the thread over there.

@TFMethane I actually already found the 1st responder manual, and also watched the destruction video by the Freemont Fire Dept. (I searched for Model S teardown)

Brian H | June 21, 2013

stop looking for "Search". It's not here. Workarounds exist: and .