Touch Screen protection

Touch Screen protection

Has any body got a non reflective touch screen film? And if so from where?

DouglasR | February 9, 2013

I never took off the film that came with the car. It still looks and works great.

DJay | February 9, 2013

I got one form NuShield Inc, but have not installed it yet.

David Trushin | February 9, 2013

I installed my NuShield. looks great, works great. Only thing was, when installing it, I started out trying to smooth it with my fingers. This drove the display crazy and I had to check afterwareds to make sure I didn't accidentally change any settings. I figured out halfway through that using a credit card to smooth out the bubbles worked like a charm. And nothing got accidentally charged to the card.

KendallPB | February 9, 2013

@David: LOL!

My DS pulled off the protector that came with it, I believe, but it's not really intended as a permanent protector, kinda like when you buy a TV and hopefully pull off the junk on that. IMHO anyway. I just got my car, so no protector yet.

(checking NuShield) Wow, they have a shield specifically sized for the Model S! Thanks for mentioning it, Jay and David. I'm not sure I need one--gotta see how it goes--but that's great to know.

nickjhowe | February 9, 2013

Had my car for five weeks with no screen protector and haven't found it to be a problem. Remarkably immune to finger prints, and any that are there aren't too visible. I keep a micro-fibre cloth in the cubby and give it an occasional going over.

Brian H | February 10, 2013

There otta be a "Screen-clean" setting. Just sayin'.

RanjitC | February 10, 2013

Thanks guys ordered mine from Nushield, more for antiglare than fingerprints.