Video: Model S vs Dodge Viper

Video: Model S vs Dodge Viper | January 27, 2013

Very cool. Thanks.

Timo | January 27, 2013

Very very cool. Thanks. 1/4 mile 12.371 @ 110.84 MPH. Beats Roaster Sport.

Timo | January 27, 2013

Make that RoaDster.

Alex K | January 27, 2013

They mentioned in the article that “Our test car was equipped with the 21″ wheel and tire package which weigh more than the standard 19″ wheels. We’re going to try and get our hands on some of the 19″ wheels to do some more testing to see what kind of performance gain they might have.”

I would think that wider wheels would also help in performance gain. I think a light 20" wheel with a low RR tire all season performance tire may be the best of everything (range, performance, summer & winter driving).

Check out this wheel and tire combination on

torst1 | January 28, 2013

It is fast. And green. Zero local emission.
And yet überkool.

prash.saka | January 28, 2013

No comparison. Awesome.

nickjhowe | January 28, 2013

Wow. Cool. So that's an M5, E63 AMG, Viper. What's next?

Electron | January 28, 2013

Damn. That's ridiculous. i'm curious what the "real" 0-60 time of the standard model is.
Since TM seems to be sandbagging these numbers.

AndrewM | January 28, 2013

I wonder if it's because there is a significant difference between a 'cold start' 0-60 and the 0-60 time once the car has been driven around for a while. The drag time above is for a 'cold start'; maybe Tesla gives us something closer to the expected average 0-60 time?

Either way, <4.0 seconds is seriously fast! I wonder what the equivalent time is for the non-Performance...

Brian H | January 28, 2013

3.9 is usually with rollout.