Video: Tesla Model S 60 kWh goes 0-60 in 5.1 seconds...

Video: Tesla Model S 60 kWh goes 0-60 in 5.1 seconds...

Tesla says 0-60 in 5.9, but it's much quicker...

also watch the 60 vs 85 performance dashes side by side... full article:

riceuguy | June 30, 2013

I thought it felt faster than 5.9 (I traded an Infiniti G37 which was 5.9), but to be right on par with the 85kwh is awesome!! And for 3 straight runs, so no fluke! Talk about sandbagging your performance numbers...

RedShift | June 30, 2013

WTF!!! What's the 85 kwh drag times no??

I am pleased as punch after learning about this.

c.bussert67 | June 30, 2013

Gotta love Tesla. You actually get more than you expect. Such a refreshing change from all the other big autos that fail to meet their numbers.
I recently to my P85 to an 1/8 mile track and got these numbers, you can bounce off the time slip they show at the end of that article...
0-60' 1.97
0-330' 5.31
0-660' 8.06 @90.3 mph (1/8 mile)

The crowd waiting for me in the pits after I ripped off a 90mph eighth in an electric car was crazy! They all wanted to know what the hell it was! I got three people with the 'You wanna see the motor?' trick and popped the hood and watch their jaw drop!

Brian H | June 30, 2013

What? No hamster wheel?

fiksegts2 | July 1, 2013

CnJsSigP, that's a really good run, get that car to the 1/4 mile!

lolachampcar | July 1, 2013

That 60KW number is bloody fast.

fiksegts2 | July 1, 2013

yea, the regular 85 probably runs 0-60 in the mid to high 4's...

kawaiia | July 1, 2013

Noticed the 85 had the tracking control off, but the 60 is on. Would that make a difference?

c.bussert67 | July 1, 2013

I was impressed with my run. It was done with 180 miles rated on the pack. I know dragtimes always charges to the max to get every last bit of power.
Yeah, the quarter is fun, but the nature of the electric motor makes it run out of breath, the faster it goes. It just crushes the eighth mile tho. I'd like to take it to the Vegas quarter. That's a really nice track, plus the ICE's run slow there due to the elevation and hot air. That just makes the S seem that much faster because it doesn't get affected by the elements. The thin air, may actually help it in the big end...
If anybody's interested, Vegas runs what they call midnight mayhem on certain Friday nights. You run what you brung. Its a totally relaxed atmosphere to get the racers off the street and on the track. They told me I didn't need a helmet unless you are in the 11's. Dunno if its still that lax. I did this in 2007.
Check it out here...

c.bussert67 | July 1, 2013

I made my passes with TC on. I only took TC off to clean the tires and when I stabbed the throttle it instantly lit the tires up and smoked em good! I would re engage the TC before I staged.