This was weird and scary

This was weird and scary

So I'm driving in NJ yesterday on my way to the inspection station on a major highway. A guy pulls up behind me very close and when I look in the rear view mirror, he (the driver) is taking a picture/video of my car with what looked like an IPAD. Any others have experience with wackos like that or is it NJ?

cpetrush | March 14, 2013

Uhhh, yes. It's called Tesla love. I have had pictures taken a couple times, in CA, by the driver behind me.

RonaldA | March 14, 2013

definitely in my roadster several times

Salman | March 14, 2013

Thankfully, I've never seen the driver of another car do it. :-)

Most recently, a kid in the back of a TT saw my car behind him and took out his Nintendo DS to take a long video of my car, then started taking more pictures with a digital camera.

This was in WA.

Brian H | March 14, 2013

Someone reported a guy jumped out of his car at a red light, ran up and shot some pix, then raced back to his car, flashing thumbs-up, etc.!

David59 | March 14, 2013

It is an almost daily experience. I'm used to it now.

Velo1 | March 14, 2013

I too have had a young adult tailgate about 5 feet off my bumper at 40 mph. Fortunately, the light at an oncoming intersection turned yellow, but we were a few 100 feet out. I floored it, made it easily through the intersection before red, and the young guy was 100 feet back stuck at the light. I had the pano roof open and stuck my hand up waving bye-bye. never same him again.

TikiMan | March 14, 2013

I had a guy drive 360 around me, while taking pix on his phone. He even shot while in front of me, with his phone facing the rear of his car! I'm not completely sure if it was just to take a pix of my MS, or if he thought I was some celebrity driving a MS.

kilimats | March 14, 2013

Im waiting a year before reserving my own, i havent seen one in real life until a week ago, the MS passed me by, I uturn, followed him for 5min taking picture form the rear, yes people are strange, yes people are jealous, yes we love you ;)

kalel65 | March 14, 2013

Nice to know it's not just NJ but I'm afraid of getting into an accident.

Another true story - Last weekend I was driving in a small town in NJ on a street with one lane in each direction and stopped at a red light. Got my wife, daughter, and grandson in the car. A guy in a Cadillac, who was behind me, pulls up into the wrong lane next to me, moves his passenger window down and starts asking me how I like the car etc., including if I have trouble passing someone on the highway. I tell him it's instantaneous and I floor it when the light changes. It's scary stuff.

Robert22 | March 14, 2013

It's remarkably less disturbing when an attractive woman pulls up to your 1:00 position while in stop and go traffic, rolls down the window, smiles, and takes a picture of you (fine... the car).

gimp_dad | March 14, 2013

I take it most of you experiencing this phenomenon do not live in the CA bay area. Saw that behavior 6 months ago here but now the Model S feels as rare as a Ford Focus (yea, I'm exaggerating a bit). Certainly not too many people surprised to see these cars on the road around here.

Tâm | March 14, 2013

Not scarry, not weird. It's just expected. On my way to Oakland from Orange County on North bound I-5, one car was tailgating me, then drove beside me on my left, then pass me and block me in front, then drove beside me on my right, then again, driving behind me, then again passed me on my left, waved and disappeared.

People gave me their thumbs up, honked at me, winked at me, took pictures of my car. Some even just stalked and approached me when I got back to my car at public parking lot.

I were even approached by grocery butchers / grocery workers who were taking a break in Little Saigon, Orange County, CA.

I always courteously answered their questions in English and Vietnamese and how to get a Tesla (1.49% loan, buy car, skip house...)

Michael S | March 14, 2013

I've found that more guys stare than girls. My wife equates the reaction to our Model S (and before that our Roadster) to a 20 year old girl with big breasts.........

kilimats | March 14, 2013

@ Tam

"1.49% loan, buy car, skip house.." skip house?...confused please elaborate :)

I pay twice less in my mortgage vs renting

mw | March 14, 2013

It is something that one has to get use to that is for sure. I have had people tailgate behind, drive next to the rear quarter panel to check it out. Had one guy in front of me taking pics with his phone while we inched forward at a 4-way stop. Many thumbs up and crazy wavers. I get stopped at the grocery while loading the car... in the frunk of course :) People asking what is that, I've never seen a car like that before. I love the surprise on their face when I say, "it's all electric". I worst part is, as a female approaching my mid-40s... I know these guys are NOT checking me out... which makes my husband very happy.

Cattledog | March 14, 2013

Had a woman pull beside me on the freeway shooting a video on her iPhone, when I look over at her, she removes her other hand from the wheel and waves at me!?!

We're all still alive...

SD Supercharger | March 14, 2013

The guy behind me in a Volvo was driving at 50 mph with his elbows while he was taking pics of the my MS with his iPhone -thank god there were no sharp curves

Roblab | March 14, 2013

My favorite Check It Out moment was when I was cruising down the freeway at the speed limit (better range that way) when I see a CHP coming up on me doing about 80, about a half mile back. All of a sudden, he disappears, so I start looking around. He's sitting in my almost blind spot looking over the back end of the car. Then he pulls up to the front fender and checks out the door handles. Then he pulls up about 50 feet and looks back at the beautiful front end with no license on it. Then a thumbs up and he accelerates back up beyond what everyone else is doing. Don't those cycle cops all have video cameras on them now? At least he wasn't taking pictures on an ipad while waving!

jackhub | March 14, 2013

Brian H, yeah that was me. He stood in the middle of traffic while he took the picture. Since then I had a parking garage attendant say 'what kinda car is this . . . a Tesla?' I replied 'yeah, a Model S' and he waved me through without my paying!

christine_orita | March 14, 2013

I had 2 cops stop me the 1st week I got the car. Not the kind of attention I wanted.
The 1st was a motorcycle cop who pulled up right next to me to check out the insides of my car. When he saw I had my puppy on my lap, he quickly found a reason to stop me. Parked his bike right behind my car and the 1st thing out of his mouth when he saw his bike in my rear camera was 'wow! Check that out! That's my bike !' Warned me about having pup on lap and waved me on.

The next one was late at night and I was stopped at light. No sooner had I taken off (within speed limit mind you) when the flashies came on. Cop asked 'is that a Maserati?' I was very polite and told him it was the Tesla, an EV. Then he made some excuse about not having license plate, is it new, blah blah and said goodnight.

I have had people go up to my parked car checking it out and even looking at the temp registration to look for info! And of course all those looks on the freeway, tailgates, drive besides....

You do get used to it after a while :-)

What I can't get over is how much I love driving the car...

snowmass4 | March 15, 2013

Three times on Route at 84 at 70 MPH. If they drop their phone.....

MandL | March 15, 2013

ditto. ditto. ditto. Wait. A TT has a back seat?

ebullio | March 15, 2013

The TT coupe has a back seat, the convertible doesn't

Earl and Nagin ... | March 16, 2013

I've been driving a Roadster for over 4 years. My experience: Get used to it folks. You're driving a superstar with millions of fans.
Be careful and drive defensively since this will happen all the time.

Shesmyne2 | March 16, 2013

An excuse to drive, a Saturday. Let's go to Half Moon Bay for lunch!

101 N to 92 W up and over (too bad it wasn't a "professional driver on a closed course" scenario).

Heading north up Hwy 1, accident up ahead, slow crawl. Past the slowdown we are moving 25mph, Pearl Model S in slow southbound lane coming, I tell my husband "quick, wink!", he complies - passenger in Pearl waves excitedly. Only one we saw today in the Bay Area (a bit rare).

Then we hit another slowdown; moving 10 mph north before Capistrano,; cars southbound are basically at a standstill. We slow to 5 mph and suddenly I feel like ROYALTY - 60 to 80% of folks in the southbound cars are gawking! My husband smiles a lot and occasionally waves an acknowledgement. One guy did a complete classic slow head turn followed by a slight drop of the jaw :-)

On the way home, we went north to Pacifica, teen girls waiting to cross at the stoplight; husband cranks up Carly Rae and rolls down the window and we start "dancing" in the car. The three girls look at us, "like, really?" (us being 40+ ;-). Then my husband punched it off the line. Six eyes followed ;-)

+1 to whomever coined Teslarazzi

Still grinning. ;-) ;-)

Brian H | March 16, 2013

Nice twingrin.

GeirT | March 17, 2013

@ christine_orita

Charming, but nothing but police harassment if you ask me (but you don't).

christine_orita | March 17, 2013

@GeirT, any thoughts on whether I can actually get ticketed for puppy on lap?

I suppose each state has different rules on that. I am in California...

When I let my son test drive it, I warned him to be a little careful about the speed as the car stands out and will get attention :-) he LOVED it...

sjm | March 17, 2013

Have had this experience for years with exotics.

Word of warning to all MS owners - thing to watch out for is as the person driving next to you taking pics/video starts to drift over into your lane --- it will happen, so be prepared! A quick stab at the throttle will get you out of this scary situation quickly!

Enjoy :o)