What was supposed to come w/ delivery?

What was supposed to come w/ delivery?

I've been wondering what else I've missed. It seems like there should be a cover for that back trunk foot well but i didn't get one. Someone else mentioned a cargo net that comes w/ the car. Did anyone get that? One last one - did anyone find a good way to tether that key chain down. I've almost lost it in a sewer drain b/c it's so small. Okay enough from me...

nickjhowe | December 19, 2012

For the key, check these threads:

You can buy the cargo net in the online shop; some people have reported it delivered with the car as standard, some not.

Don't know about the trunk well cover.

SMOP | December 19, 2012

The trunk well cover should be standard unless you got the rear seats? I never got the net but then again I am an early vin and not sure if this is a new delivery addition. Did you get floor mats by any chance?

Peter Spirgel | December 19, 2012

My car, a signature performance, came with a net in the frunk.

vouteb | December 19, 2012

Peter Spirgel

Peter what made you decide to go/stick with the SIG?
I am on the SIG List in the UK< will take Performace when it gets here, but not sure what the advantage of a SIG is compared to the regular S Performance including Tech package(apart from the color I guess)

Oliver in Seattle | December 19, 2012

The kids seats store in the footwell (depression the the back of the trunk). the instructions for opening the rear facing child seats have the first step to "Remove the cover from the trunk floor" (Page 12, Model S Owner Safety Information PDF from the link on the Dashboard).

So, yes, the trunk floor cover should come with the car whether or not you got the kids seats.


mkh1437 | December 19, 2012

Agreed on the trunk footwell cover, and the frunk cargo net. I received both of those as well. As for keeping a tether on the key fob, I am using this:

stevenmaifert | December 19, 2012

I'm taking delivery this weekend. I was told by a Tesla store manager that the Tire Repair Kit ( is also supposed to come with the car. Did you folks get that with your delivery?

mkh1437 | December 19, 2012

I did *not* receive a tire repair kit. Unless it is hidden somewhere in the car that I haven't discovered yet!

BYT | December 19, 2012

@mkh1437, I purchased it online here from TM, doesn't come with the Model S:

weeandthewads | December 19, 2012

The cargo net and rear well cover both came with my car. The Parcel Shelf is on back order. I understand they changed the design at the last second and it wouldn't ship until Jan. They missed the paint armor and now I have to bring it in for them to apply. Otherwise a smooth delivery.

Brian H | December 19, 2012

Net Cargo Net summary, possibly:
Included with Sigs;
Included with parcel shelf purchase ($250);
Purchase for $49 separately.

dahtye | December 19, 2012

Hmmm, I would have thought they would include the tire repair kit in every Signature delivery. It's only $50, so I can spring for that, but it's the principle of nickle and diming that doesn't see right for a car that costs over $100K.

archibaldcrane | December 19, 2012

I think they only include it in the couple of states where it's required to come with if the car doesn't have a spare tire. Can't find which states those are right now.

Peter Spirgel | December 19, 2012


I acknowledge that going with the signature model was not entirely rational. I realize that ordering a regular performance with all the options would get me the same car for thousands less; however, when I ordered the car, I thought there would be more of a difference. Also there is a $7,500 tax deduction that I feared would terminate before I got my regular edition. I rationalized my decision by accepting a premium for getting the car sooner, knowing I would get the tax credit, the theoretical collectibility of a Signature model, and my lack of patience. I have been rewarded with a great car that I thoroughly enjoy. Either way you go, one thing I know is that you'll love the car!

dahtye | December 19, 2012

+1 Peter.

That is exactly my sentiment as well - all the way down to not regretting the decision and enjoying the car now.

kashiraja | February 4, 2013

I suppose the MS doesn't have a jack does it?

bp | February 5, 2013

No jack - no spare tire. Tesla sells a tire kit - to put air into the tires and emergency patch a leak.

dtesla | February 5, 2013

The delivery specialist has a form to document missing parts on MS when he does the delivery walk through. I had 4 missing items (and have received 1 so far).