Where to hang a suit in the back seat?

Where to hang a suit in the back seat?

Has anyone needed to hang a suit? I noticed that there is no hook or handle to hang it. What I did was to hang it in the slot for the pano roof. Another reason to get the pano roof. You have to be sure not to open the roof, though. Seems like this is an oversight by Tesla! Anyone else notice this?

J.T. | June 10, 2013

Hate to break it to you but no rear cup holders, hand holds over doors, map pockets, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, lane assist warning or center console. Yeah, we noticed.

Ltyore | June 10, 2013

Elon put in jump seats because he has a bunch of kids he needs to cart around (as I do).

Elon did not put in dry cleaning hangers because he has someone to do his dry cleaning for him (as I do not).

Derek Mclay | June 10, 2013

There's a channel in the roof on each side of the area over the back seat. You can hang a hanger there (That's what I do).

DTsea | June 10, 2013

Tesla decided a 'super clean' interior design- no extra cup holders hooks or handles- was the aesthetic they wanted. So that's how it is.

2-Star | June 10, 2013

@Derek: Will your idea work if there is no Pano Roof??

hsadler | June 10, 2013


"Tesla decided a 'super clean' interior design"

Clean as in placing cups on the floor in front of the rear seat?

ppape | June 10, 2013

Has anyone noticed there is a thin pocket in the front drivers seat. It is a thin fold in the fabric of the driver's seat, but not in passenger seat. Enough space to slide a phone in or stash some cash. I have a P85 with leather seats.

DJay | June 10, 2013

The thin pocket works great for quick access to registration and insurance card if you get pull over for speeding. It will also hold cards for charging stations, but be careful not to insert the cards in a way they be bent when you are sitting in the seat.

Brian H | June 10, 2013

The leather seats have that "kangaroo pouch".

TikiMan | June 10, 2013

I see a huge aftermarket invention for someone to develop and sell... 'opertunity-hook'... Soulflower they are calling your name!

I guess I'm somewhat lucky being part of the new 'geek' generation, in that no one I work with wears a suit anymore, much less dry-cleans anything. I get razed just for wearing a designer shirt in my biz. Jeans and t-shirts are the new 'dress uniform' for the geek generation, and maybe an ocasional wrinkled suit-coat for those extra special ocasions ;-)

Brian H | June 11, 2013

A few loose loops of nylon cord around the center roll beam/pano roof divider, to hang coats or dry-cleaning from?

BYT | June 11, 2013

I lay mine out in the frunk or trunk. Can fit a lot of suits there! ;)

TheAustin | June 11, 2013

On the very rare occasion I need to drive a suit around with me, I have laid it flat on top of the parcel shelf.

jdb | June 11, 2013

Hate to break it to you but no rear cup holders, hand holds over doors, map pockets, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, lane assist warning or center console. Yeah, we noticed.

I like the minimalist interior design, do not miss any of the interior accoutrements, just lay my suit jacket on back seat and dry cleaing in trunk, plenty of room. Tried to avoid my kids having drinks in back seat other than water bottles, too much interior cleaning over years from spilled cokes, kids ignored cup holders anyway. But parking sensors, I do miss those.

I am 3146 | June 11, 2013

Model S is actually perfect for dry cleaning. It is already fitted with two sorting bins...the front trunk holds the clothing that needs to be dry cleaned and the rear trunk holds all of the nice and clean garments.

JZ13 | June 11, 2013

A hook that flips into roof when not in use would preserve the clean lines of the car. Putting dry cleaning in either trunk would wrinkle it. I currently hang my dry cleaning from the stabilizer bar. This works for thin hangers only. I'm not sure what I would do if I did not have the panoramic roof.

DTsea | June 11, 2013

hsadler, I didnt design it eh?

i dont let anybody eat or drink in the car, that way they dont leave trash and dont spill when the car is zippy. dry cleaning flat in trunk, works fine. still room for my umpire gear bag, musical instrument, brief cases, etc.

Captain_Zap | June 11, 2013

I have thought about taking drinks along in the car but I can't bring myself to do it.

Old habits die hard. I haven't had a cupholder in a car before.

hpatelmd | June 11, 2013

No eating or drinking in my MS is my rule. Suits, jackets etc nicely lay flat on the parcel shelf. I'm liking the "less is more" approach to the interior, keeps me from stashing useless clutter.

zero mpg | June 11, 2013

I place my coat over the headrest and shoulders of the driver seat ... almost as if it were designed to wear a coat

DC@Tesla | June 11, 2013

A coat hanger behind driver's seat should have been included with the car. I miss it.

bp | June 12, 2013

For those with the pano roofs, what about a heavy duty suction cup with a hook or handle?

BYT | June 12, 2013

Great idea bp, only an issue on hot days as suction cups loose grip.

bostoncde | June 12, 2013

Will it lay flat in frunk? If not trunk has plenty of space to lay flat

MarkV | June 13, 2013

I put a fancy leather work loop over the rear seat center headrest and hook hangers there when needed. Looks sort of like a very nice necklace when not in use.

hpatelmd | June 13, 2013

@MarkV, can you post photos?

2050project | June 11, 2014
LEvans | June 11, 2014

The cost for the rear cup holders on is $650!

Tesla really needs to do more to improve the interior and interior storage/functionality of the Model S. I will but a Model S as is and you may too but at the end of the day people cross shop this car with the Mercedes S class and other vehicles around that price range.

They need to include the rear cup holders, coat hanger to carry your dry cleaning and other basic necessities sooner or later.

I can understand a clean design but it doe snot mean a clean design can't be functional. It helps no one when your rear guests don't have access to a cup holder and spill their drink.

GAGSTESLA | June 11, 2014

I am fine with NO CUP holders! In fact I like it. @web, you answered the question. If there are no cup holders, it makes it easy to ask people NOT to bring drinks into your car. Your car is not a kitchen or diner. On trips, let everyone out to eat, drink , and do whatever when you stop. Then, everybody gets back in and off you go.

I would like to see a clothes hanger hook, so as to keep the clothes that you bring wrinkle free. | June 11, 2014
sklancha | June 11, 2014

This is a great thread! I just learned a few things about my MS that I didn't know: the kangaroo pocket in front of the drivers seat (had to go check it out for myself before I even responded!), and the ability to hang my lab coat up using the pano roof bar or side space. That is perfect!

For those of you who are saddened by the sacrifices made to provide that minimalist/clean MS look... I personally consider it a greater luxury to NOT be cluttered with accoutrements that I don't necessarily need/want- and to have enough space to design my own personalized junk carrying device if I so feel a need. Many of you already pointed out that cup holders in the back tend to become junk holders or- even worse- encourage kids to bring their drinks into the car (which NEVER good, in my humble opinion). If you want them- you can buy a plastic cupholder that hooks into the window area for a buck or two. I did miss having a place to hang my labcoat- but that problem is now resolved thanks to the panoroof. I LOVE not having a junk collector between the front seats. I get to modify this area to my varying needs on a weekly basis. On work days, my briefcase and purse fit in their perfectly. On weekends, we sometimes use a decorative basket to place the variety of odds and ends we need for the days particular venture. Other days, this space is empty and the wood deck floor is all you see.
We had the car for about a week before we noticed that their is a little storage space on each door (not obvious because it just looks like an elegant design). as soon as my 15 year old discovered it- she started turning it into a mini junk drawer/ trash basket! The clean/minimalist design limits this kind of habit.

LEvans | June 11, 2014

@ GAGSTESLA Wrote: I am fine with NO CUP holders! In fact I like it. @web, you answered the question. If there are no cup holders, it makes it easy to ask people NOT to bring drinks into your car. Your car is not a kitchen or diner. On trips, let everyone out to eat, drink , and do whatever when you stop. Then, everybody gets back in and off you go.


Well, how nice for your guests and family in the car.

Like most normal people I occasionally have a beverage in the car and like most normal people other guests i have in the car occasionally have a beverage with them and I don't act like a the beverage gestapo because so far all the modern cars I've owned have had cup holders. Hopefully when I get around to buying a Model S next year it will have rear cup holders.

If I have guests in the back seat and they don't have a cup holder to hold their beverage I'd feel compelled to apologize to them for the inconvenience not yell at them for having the audacity to have a beverage in my car. So far none of the responsible adults I've had as guests in my car have yet to spill anything in my car. Maybe the fact that it has cup holders have something to do with that.

GAGSTESLA | June 11, 2014

Not to argue, yet I never feel the need to apologize to my normal or even my crazy friends that I don't allow drinks or food in the car.

GAGSTESLA | June 11, 2014

Plus, the thread is about coat hooks, not cup holders. Most of my normal, and even my crazy friends like their clothes to not get wrinkled on the way home from the dry cleaners or on a business trip.

LEvans | June 11, 2014

You are right we were talking a hook to hang your dry cleaning before someone brought up not having cup holders.

They should both be standard in a Tesla like with every other premium modern car. I expect them in the car and so would most normal people.

Of course you are welcome to treat guests in your car any way you want. I'd be embarrassed if I were taking a trip with some friends in the back seat and they had no cup holder to use and I'd apologize to them about the bad design of an otherwise incredible car.

Roamer@AZ USA | June 11, 2014

When I pick up dry cleaning I just lay it on top of the rear privacy shelf for the short ride home.

NKYTA | June 11, 2014

+1 Roamer, I've been doing that for 12 months, after I finally got the parcel shelf.

LEvans | June 12, 2014

@Roamer: I've tried laying it down on the trunk in the past but it goes all over the place and wrinkles my clothing. Wouldn't placing a bunch of dry cleaning on the parcel self affect your rear visibility? I suppose that's what the rear camera is there for :) But even then if you have to stop suddenly all your dry cleaning will fall off the parcel shelf.

What I've found is that the best thing to do with your dry cleaning is to hand it. Nothing gets wrinkled and it stays in place. I'll still get a Model S but talking to non Model S owners I know things like a hook to hang dry cleaning and rear cup holders matter to them. And I agree with them that the car should have these basic features a $12K econobox has.

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | June 12, 2014

I don't have the Pano roof, so I am out of luck for the coat hooks.

Regarding cup holders, I installed this Audi cup holder a year ago, and love the location and look:

You can install two in the same space. It is very simple to install and remove.

Roamer@AZ USA | June 12, 2014

@WEB SRFR, I don't disagree that hooks would be nice. But since they are not there I found another solution.

For me the rear shelf works great. I have never owned a car that had enough room for the clothes to hang completely out even with hooks. On the shelf they just lay flat and are easy to get in and out. I have the sun shade installed so anything on the shelf is protected from the sun and hard to see. The shelf is lower than the back seats so everything placed there seems to stay there.

SeattleSid | June 12, 2014
SeattleSid | June 12, 2014

Ooops, sorry. Didn't notice someone else has already posted that link.

JPPTM | June 12, 2014

Dry cleaning in trunk:

Take middle rear seat belt. Extend fully, insert into buckle, then let it retract (to lock belt). Take dry cleaning and, from the trunk side, hook it over the belt as it exits the slot on the seat back. Hangers stay in place, clothes drape down along floor of trunk.

For more capacity, when you extend the seat belt, wrap it around the center headrest before buckling and 'locking' it. The larger loop behind the center headrest holds more hangers.


Velo1 | June 12, 2014

Do the Teslaccessories hookup linked above. I have their TST Sportline Turbine wheels on my S and love them. The owners are great people, too.

Red Sage ca us | June 13, 2014

WEB_SRFR stated, "I can understand a clean design but it doe snot mean a clean design can't be functional."

Volvo hears you:

Volvo XC90 Interior

Volvo XC90 Interior Cabin

A clean design can certainly be managed while still having grab handles, coat hooks, reading lights, and door pockets. But are they really, truly needed?

I like the interior of the Tesla Model S as is. I rather expect my passengers to be passengers. They would not be eating, snacking, or drinking in my car on the vast majority of trips. There is no need to enable such behavior with cup holders and a fold-down tray on the back of the front seats.

I spent some time yesterday more fully examining the interior of my Brother's Mercedes-Benz S500. The center console storage is not really all that big. The various soft-open/soft-close cubbies for ash tray and whatnot all seem as if they are just more things to break.

I really prefer the open area in the Tesla overall.

Red Sage ca us | June 13, 2014

WEB_SRFR wrote, "I expect them in the car and so would most normal people."

As a matter of perspective...

"I expect a whip carrier on my horseless carriage and so would most normal people."

"I expect a snuff box in my horseless carriage and so would most normal people."

"I expect drawn curtains in my horseless carriage and so would most normal people."

Or rather...

"I expect a humidor in my Rolls-Royce and so would most normal people."

"I expect to see tailfins on my Cadillac and so would most normal people."

"I expect a chrome grille and chrome bumper -- made of REAL STEEL -- on any car I drive, and so would most normal people."

And finally...

"I expect sliding doors on both sides of a minivan and so would most normal people."

"I expect a proper manual transmission -- at least five forward gears -- on any car I buy, and so would most normal people."

"I expect no less than three jumbo-sized cup holders per passenger, deep covered center console storage, map pockets for doors and seats, and grab handles in any car, and so would most normal people."

It is, after all, a matter of standards.

LEvans | June 13, 2014

@Red Sage: Yes, you can make up all kinds of nonsense about expecting all kinds of nonsense. Why did you stop there with your list? Why don't you add a few dozen more items to that list because then that will really prove your point. /s

The fact is that 99% of the cars in this price range has a place to hang your dry cleaning and 99% of the cars in this price range also offer a place for your rear seat guests to secure a beverage during a log trip. That remaining 1% that does not offer these provisions would be the Model S.

I will still buy a Model S because it is the best EV out there but this whole mentality that the majority of consumers will just accept these deficiencies is getting a bit old. When Tesla goes mass market, they need to appeal to normal human beings who are not beverage gestapos that treat their cars like some type of a shrine.

My E550 is about 4 years old, has a tan interior and is pristine. Having functional cup holders for the front and rear is partly the reason nothing ever got spilled in my car.

I can't believe we are talking about cup holders being essential for what is essentially a daily driver and family car for most people.

Bighorn | June 13, 2014

99% of cars in this price range also have muffler(s) and tailpipe(s). Popularity and status quo aren't always the best argument. None of these missing features rise to the level of me GAS, but it obviously does for a lot of people and therefore it will be addressed at some point.

GeirT | June 13, 2014

Seriously people... this is something to waste time on? | June 13, 2014

@Red Sage - Loved the perspective.

@GeirT - Apparently so :(