XM Radio Missing Album Cover Artwork

XM Radio Missing Album Cover Artwork

Has anyone heard or know why XM radio is missing album cover artwork? Ive been looking around and cant seem to find any info on this. Would this be a XM issue?
When i listen to HD radio, it has them available.

stevenmaifert | May 15, 2013

I don't get it either. Does XM send it? Ditto on the HD radio and even the USB flash drive MP3 music if I include the album title in the ID3 tag. That one blew me away... what a smart car!

irishstoutaz | May 15, 2013

Sirius/XM may not send that data in the satellite feed... it is available on their App (on-line and phone/tablet) but that is via the web. I have personally never seen Sirius/XM album art in a vehicle that has any type of media screen. I would also like to see it become available but that may be a limitation with the satellite feed.

Brian H | May 15, 2013

Today! "PLAY". Google. $9.99/mo.

mbcaffe | May 15, 2013

I think it used to show it until about two weeks ago. Probably Tesla is working on a fix.

lov2krz | May 15, 2013

It has never shown album art on the XM radio. I believe its a data issue with XM radio since album art shows up when streaming either from my phone or slacker radio.

I just sent a request to XM Customer service and asked the question with a photo of the display. When/if I hear I'll post back here.

olanmills | May 16, 2013

I don't think it's part of the XM protocol to send album art, or what I should say is that I personally have never seen any XM player which can display album art.

Chunky Jr. | May 16, 2013

For SiriusXM, the album art is definitely not sent in the satellite signal. Tesla would have to get the album art from another service. I thought Tesla does this for BlueTooth audio streaming ( I know they aren't getting the album art from the mobile device since it is wrong quite a bit), so I'm not sure why they don't also make it work for SiriusXM.

lov2krz | May 20, 2013

I just spoke to XM Customer Service and they do not broadcast Album Art ("Cover Art").

IMHO, I'm not sure Tesla will work on this since the radio would need to make a request of the web browser to search then do a download of the Album cover. That's a lot of data transfer and since Google maps has a hard time keeping up with refresh of maps/satellite data I don't think Tesla is interested in adding more data to a 3G link.

riceuguy | May 20, 2013

Tesla gets album art via Gracenote lookups for other sources, but often XM/Sirius truncates song and/or artist names, which is probably why Tesla doesn't attempt to get album art. Honestly, I just canceled my XM because the combination of Slacker and TuneIn is superior in every way except for news and sports, which aren't worth it to me!

olanmills | May 20, 2013

Yeah I canceled XM too. I figure that the data connection is going to be a "must have" item for me even after they start charging for it, so I'll have Slacker and TuneIn anyway.