17" and E-Mail-Calendar capacity

17" and E-Mail-Calendar capacity


is it possible to integrate a Mail client to the 17" Touchscreen with E-Mail and Calendar capacity?

The Features should be:

Active Sync (For Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes Traveler and Zarafa - Active Sync Protocol Documentation )

So you can get a popup if a task will be started for navigate directly to the destination where is starts.

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Brian H | March 31, 2013

So your car can tell you where you have to be next, and how to get there?

shop | March 31, 2013

I tried running iCloud on the Tesla's web browser and iCloud said it didn't like the browser type. Too bad, would have been an easy way to view my calendar...

Ron5 | March 31, 2013

GMail and Google Calendar look particular good on the center display. It even pops up calendar notifications.

hnashif | March 31, 2013

Google Now would be nice. The car will know of the road conditions and recommend that I start driving earlier to meet my next calendar location in time.

noahas | March 31, 2013

Google Now would be fantastic, including for voice input.

GeekEV | March 31, 2013

The built in browser is missing some key functionality to make something like that work. Maybe they'll add the needed functionality if we ask enough. See this thread:

TiburonTesla | March 31, 2013

Microsoft based products work just fine on the browser. Most companies use MS exchange for email & calendaring. Just use the webmail URL (e.g. and login with your regular credentials.

Couple caveats: this will work unless your IT dept doesn't permit webmail access (which is rare). The browser is KHTML and doesn't support cookies. That means every time you use the browser you'll need to re-log again as it won't remember your credentials. That's definitely a hassle, but it will indeed work!

jat | March 31, 2013

GMail/etc work fine, and I would expect OWA to work (though slowly, since it is intentionally a dog on any non-IE browser).

@TiburonTesla - it does support cookies, it just doesn't persist them across car restarts. I assume that is because they don't want someone else getting in the car having access to your authentication credentials, but personally I would want the cookie store tied to the driver profile and allow you to set a PIN if you care to protect it.

Alexander7B | April 1, 2013

Hi TiburonTesla

i thing the big Point will be a ,,Office" App for this kind of tasks. With the Browser its to complicate and take to long time and noone that drive with you should see your password at login prompt.

The other thing is the automatic route integration to the adress from your next task.

If you have a taxi company or any other company enviorment, other people can send you tasks and you have your route for the day via Active Sync and a outlook (office) App.

TiburonTesla | April 1, 2013

Alexander, I think you are right. Imagine how useful /seamless a MS outlook client app could be on this thing. It would be a truly mobile office!

Alexander7B | April 13, 2013

For a working E-Mail App you can use google Sourcecode if Java is running:

For Exchange Active Sync you find here the Source Code from Android:

I hope this help ... without SDK noone other can programm a sync app.

jat | April 13, 2013

@AlexanderB - those are Android apps, and will only run on Android. They certainly won't run in the browser -- even if you compile the Java to JS with GWT, you would have to rewrite all the UI and you would probably have to rewrite other parts as well.

Alexander7B | April 16, 2013

That it not run diretly is clear, but there is a working source code and to port a code to other languages is easier than rewrite it complete.

jat | April 16, 2013

@AlexanderB - then go ahead and try it. I am telling you it would be more work than starting from scratch, but you don't have to believe me.

peter | November 20, 2014


lmorelli | November 20, 2014

This is a 1.75 year old thread....strange bump. Funny that Calendar is now integrated.

bp | November 21, 2014

Out of all the smartphone integration features that could have been implemented, calendar would probably not have been at the top of the list.

I would have been much more interested in having hands free text messaging, voice mails or e-mail - items that would be useful, especially during long work commutes...

teslaliving | November 26, 2014

You may want to check out this new offering (its not mine):
They have a mail reader and its all designed for the Model S.