17" screen

17" screen

Model X

The 17 " screen shoul be placed innsdie the dasboard as in the MODEL S and not lik they just have glued on a IPAD or somthing!
Looks much better whit the screen jusl like the MODEL S. I hove that thise is something they wil change!?

ian | November 4, 2013

It's like that likely due to the fact that the seating position is higher in the X and they needed the screen to be slightly higher so that it was more in the line of sight of the occupants.

We don't know what the production vehicle will look like though as they have said they are making some changes so hang tight, you might just get your wish.


NumberOne | November 4, 2013

It is important to remember that whatever has been seen so far has been prototype related. I am sure that once the betas come out they will be more refined.