20 adjustments per week and efficiency when powered off

20 adjustments per week and efficiency when powered off

Since Tesla stated they make 20 adjustments per week on the Model S, I figured newer cars must be a lot different than early production cars. So my question is:
Has the known vampire drain of a Model S dropped to less than 1.1 kWh per 24 hours in the newest production cars?

The vampire drain used to be around 4 kWh per day and after a software fix people reported something around 1 kWh every day (which is approximately 40 Watt). I'm interested in Tesla because of the potential of EV's to be truly zero emission vehicles. But if they even use power when not driven this seems counterproductive to emission reduction.
Some people said that 40 Watt isn't much for a few computers and chips to keep 3G connection and the radio to detect key fob signal etc. But I figured my mobile phone uses probably less than 1 Watt. I see some room for improvement here! So maybe those 20 modifications per week also includes some changes in computers running the Model S. Any thoughts, measurements or ideas about this?

sule | November 27, 2014

I do agree that there could be improvements. But there may be more stuff the car may be doing in comparison to the phone. It may need maintain the battery perhaps cycling liquids in there... That said, not all losses here are outside the battery. Batteries lose some charge over time on their own. Model S has thousands of phones with of batteries in it so it that thousands times more losses of that kind too.

Jinnymobile | November 27, 2014

There are options for the vampire drain. I accept more drain because I want to be able to remotely access my car quickly, and it is usually plugged in or not in a range limited situation. The costs of the extra electricity use isn't that much compared the the energy use while driving. I think a few jack rabbit starts would easily match the changes in drain. But we can set the car to energy saving and the losses go down.

mackgoo | November 27, 2014

How can one see how much is used?

jordanrichard | November 27, 2014

Ok, first one can't compare a phone to all the computers in a car, particularly a Tesla.

As for the "20" changes Elon spoke of, many of these are probably manufacturing processes changes, not changes in the car that we would see. If one leaves their car plugged in, who cares what drain there is. Also if it is an issue during the daytime while one is at work, just use the "energy save" mode and the car will go into a deep sleep. It may take a moment or two for the screens to come on once you open the door, but the option is there.

A feature in this vein they have created and pushed out to all the cars is to set the car to automatically go into deep sleep between the hours of 10 pm to 5 am.

I am sure Tesla is continually working on ways to stretch the efficiency of the existing batteries, through software changes, which all owners benefit from, not just the new cars.

TeoTeslaFan | November 27, 2014

We should get data from someone who has the new E pack. One of them started the following topic today but then went away. Hopefully they will come back. I already asked a bunch of other questions.