240 Extension Cords

240 Extension Cords

Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I searched this forum and didn't find a thread like this.

I know that Tesla says not to use extension cords, but I just returned from my first road trip (90 mi each way) and I almost got stranded. the place I stayed had a great 240 plug near a parking spot, but it was just about 15' beyond the standard charger that comes with the car. So, I moved to another spot where I could use their 110. that worked fine, but at only 3 mi per hour, I needed over 24 hours to recharge the "90 miles" that I had driven which drained my engine 140 mi equivalent (4 guys in the car and it was cold).

I don't want to have that "range anxiety" again, so I would like to find a 15' - 30' extension cable that will get me closer to the 20-25 mi/hr charge rates that I get at home.

I saw that one guy bought this RV extension cord on Amazon, but he didn't say if it actually worked and charged in that low 20 mi range.

Anyone have experience with this or another RV extension cord and if they will work for occasional (5x per year) travel?

shop | June 4, 2013

10 gauge for 30 amps is the right gauge. It should work fine.

mdemetri | June 4, 2013

Thanks shop.

ajamison | June 4, 2013

Why would you need an adapter for a 5-20 you can plug a regular household appliance into a 5-20 outlet and it will not fry so why not just use the 5-15 adapter for the tesla

shop | June 4, 2013

Because the tesla 5-15 adapter has a pilot signal in it that tells the Model S to limit max amps to 12 amps. But if you had a 5-20 plug, then you can safely draw 16 amps, 33% more. So an official Tesla 5-20 adapter would be nice, or failing that, a home made one.