40kwh batery with 0-60m 5,6sec...

40kwh batery with 0-60m 5,6sec...

Hello to all

I'm Europe model s future owner #8...I'm probably going to have the 40kwh battery ... my question is simple, is it possible to have the 40kwh whit the 0-60 of the 85kwh? i know the performance has a different inverter , but from what i know i think all the rest model S are the same even the electric motor, expet the battery...if its possible i don't mind losing a bit of range just to have that trill, or maybe like all the modern gas cars have the drive choice of SPORT / NORMAL / ECO

I'm probably going to be called a fast and furious guy, but since i don't have the € to buy the big 85kwh i like to know if i can have a BIT more fun :)


Sudre_ | July 5, 2012

I believe drawing that much current out of the battery would ruin it. They didn't lower the 0-60 to be mean.

Sudre_ | July 5, 2012

lower = raise

Jason S | July 5, 2012

It has to do with the battery design for all but the Performance variant. Although, looking at the specs ( the improvement in speed per 20Kwh looks like they left a little available on the 85Kwh battery. Bigger inverter (or w/e it takes) and the regular 85Kwh could have performance around 5.0 - 5.2 seconds, I think, but they'd use the same for the 40 & 60 so might get a smidge more out of those.

For maybe $5000 more on the base car price.

They took an approach that has one variant to simplify production, I think.

Jason S | July 5, 2012

Also the improvement looks like the performance variant is more than just inverter but must include motor mods as well.

Timo | July 5, 2012

It would be easy to make 40kWh with 0-60 in 4.4secs, but you would have to sacrifice top speed to get that. Acceleration is all about torque, so changing gear ratio is all that would have to be made.

Performance model uses higher current to get its acceleration and doesn't need different gear ratio, but 40kWh battery just can't handle that current.

Filipe Portugal | July 5, 2012

Thxs *Timo for that.

I prefer sacrifiing top speed and have a bit more aceleration instead, but that will probabily also mess with the range. Well let us first have the car, im guessing theese things will bee easy to do in 2years or more from now..

Timo | July 6, 2012

I said earlier to someone, might have been you, that if you need to stretch your budget so much that you simply can't afford 85kWh battery, but you do want the range, wait for GenIII cars. Unless you absolutely need to get Model S right now, it would be wise to wait few years, especially if getting Model S is severe blow to your budget.

Tesla has the factory now, so it would take much less time to put first GenIII car to road than it take to produce first Model S. 2015 is my guess. I think (hope) those cars include similar performance specs, but smaller, more affordable "GenIII sedan".

Filipe Portugal | July 6, 2012

Thxs Timo. But w8 3more years for the car i cant w8 any more . Is not that i cant have it , but i didnt whant to use any credit, even if its 10k...but tell me a bit more about the GenIII Cars? Like A3 Audi clase?

Volker.Berlin | July 6, 2012

Like A3 Audi clase?

The unofficial claim is that as much as the Model S can be seen as a competitor to the BMW 5-series, the GenIII's mission is to be comparable to the 3-series. That would make it about the size of an A4 (larger than the A3) but vastly classier! Price target is $30k-$35k (I guess it's safe to assume that this price will apply to the base model, comparable to the 40kWh Model S), and not much more is known at this point, except that Elon Musk targets a volume that is another order of magnitude higher than that of the Model S (Roadster 2.5k total, Model S 20k p.a., GenIII 200k p.a.?).

jerry3 | July 6, 2012


I'm not all that young. I might not be here in three years.

Brian H | July 7, 2012

true of all of us. Gather ye road beds while ye may!

stAtrill | July 7, 2012

true of all of us. Gather ye road beds while ye may!

Except for us 19-year-olds lurking around ;P

I sure hope I'm still around in 3 years. haha

John MC | July 7, 2012

The 0-60 times are provided on the Options page,

40kWh 60kWh 85kWh 85kWh Performance
6.5 seconds 5.9 seconds 5.6 seconds 4.4 seconds

So if you want the faster acceleration time the only ways are the bigger battery and the performance package (which appears to only be an option with biggest battery).

Timo | July 7, 2012

@Brian H, I'll try to make that not true in my case. I'm planning to live forever. That does pose problem with retirement though...

jerry3 | July 8, 2012


With today's economy, retirement isn't an issue. No one but the very wealthy will be able to.

Brian H | July 8, 2012

In Europe, with the far-subreplacement birth rates, the economies (assuming they survive the Euro's implosion), won't be able to afford to have anyone retire. Especially on full pension at 50!