Accidents--2013-10-11-Wheel & Suspension

Accidents--2013-10-11-Wheel & Suspension

Bighorn | October 11, 2013

Was he taunting a motorcycle gang?

cfOH | October 11, 2013

Hey, man, someone stole your wheels!

MacDaddyDude | October 11, 2013

Other than the missing wheel and the busted rear quarter panel, this car looks like it just came out of the show room!

Bighorn | October 11, 2013

Maybe you can drive away from a Denver boot in a Tezzla.

cfOH | October 11, 2013

@Bighorn: You shoulda seen the other guy!

TSLAholic | October 11, 2013

I wonder how long it will take for the naysayers to notice that a good amount of Model S accidents cause completely severed suspension components, leading to wheels being separated from the vehicle.

cfOH | October 11, 2013

@TSLAholic: What data are you looking at to conclude that "a good amount" (and how much is that, anyway?) of accidents do this? Just curious.

Tâm | October 11, 2013

@ cfOH

6 Accidents that I could count so far:

1) Seafood Only: all wheels on.

2) Offset Head-On: Front Left wheel is very crooked.

3) BMW-M5 nose swipe: poor nose only, wheels are ok.

4) +++ Hug-a-Utility-Pole: 2 Right wheels missing.

5) Hyundai Elantra T-Bone: Front Left wheel was exposed but still attached at collision point.

6) +++Wheel & Suspension combo: Rear Left wheel found on the other side of highway.

2 out of 6 accidents had their wheels departed from the body.

That's one-third!

Tâm | October 11, 2013

It's so obvious so I took it for granted and forgot the most talked about:

7) Fire: front wheels baked and naked but looked fine.

That's 2 out of 7 accidents with wheels detached or 28.6%.

wcalvin | October 11, 2013

So what's the background rate of wheel separation in non-MS?

Tâm | October 11, 2013

I believe the statistics I pointed out is meaningless.

I prefer the protection of the cabin and not to worry about frunk, trunk, wheels, suspension system...

All other stuff should be sacrificed in order to buffer, cushion and protect the cabin that carries the precious cargo of human and pets.

GeekEV | October 12, 2013

We definitely need more info about this one. If you look close at the picture, the rest of the car looks fine. Only the wheel seems damaged and it looks ripped from the car (the fenders are event out). Comments in another threads suggest they hit a manhole (or other service port) cover which collapsed on them causing the wheel to drop and become stuck. Seems plausible to me...

AmpedRealtor | October 12, 2013

Pardon the noob question, but is Jalopnik biased against the Model S and Tesla? I've noticed the dramatic and alarmist headline of the article has nothing to do with the actual crash, especially when a detailed explanation of events has not yet been released. I've noticed several negative Tesla articles at this site, including one calling the Model S the most expensive beta test in history.

What's the deal with this site?

Captain_Zap | October 12, 2013


Yes, and it has been for a long time.
It is based out of Detroit.

Bighorn | October 12, 2013

noun: jalopy; plural noun: jalopies

an old car in a dilapidated condition.
synonyms: dilapidated car;
informalclunker, lemon, bucket of bolts, wreck, Tin Lizzie, rustbucket, heap, junker, beater, hooptie
"she just loves to drive that old jalopy around town"

1920s (originally US): of unknown origin.

So, yeah, probably not big Tesla fans.

Tâm | October 12, 2013

Some observations from the picture:

It got a big dent above the Rear Left Wheel area as well. There seems to be a force from above the Left Wheel that pushed the body downward. It leaves a rectangular imprint at an angle as if it was hit by an end of a crooked bumper from a tall SUV or truck.

Another flat good size of dent on Rear Left Door.

It rests at an angle facing the wrong way of the traffic. Front wheel is perfectly aligned with the car's direction.

There's no brake marks, no friction marks on the road except one bigger round and one smaller black marks at the Left Wheel and Rear area.

The rear mark looks like a piece of debris.

Can't figure out the Left Rear Wheel area mark on the road. It looks like a big giant truck tire mark which doesn't make sense. It could be brake fluid, but it looks too dry and the size may be too big

Looks like the original impact was from the Left Rear Side with a force from side and above then a spin to face the opposite of the traffic.

Paul1839 | October 12, 2013

Looks like the air bags deployed.

Bighorn | October 12, 2013

Did any cranes fall this week?