Add Air Suspension to Help in Snow?

Add Air Suspension to Help in Snow?

I just put down my deposit and am having some two week window jitters.

I live in New England and did not add active air suspension to my order. Will I regret this come winter? Specifically, can anyone weigh on whether having the ability to manually increase my height will be important when driving in snow?

I believe that I've already read through all the old postings on this (thanks,, from this hapless n00b) but haven't found a clear answer.


GReese | June 29, 2013

I did not get air suspension, and I live in Minnesota.

Having said that, I haven't been through a winter. I do expect to purchase the winter tires though.

Jarleø | June 29, 2013

I also just put down my deposit, and then had a test drive 2 days after. I live in Norway and we realy have crappy roads....

1) i ordered the air suspension based mostly on bad road condition.

When i had my test drive i was overly surprised of how little the bad roads affected the stability of the car, and that with 21 ich wheels.
The car just amasingly stayed in lane and floated over smal bumps and splitts in the road.

I asked the Tesla rep. about the necessity of the air suspension.

And i quote:
" For all norwegian customers we advice the air suspension and 19" inch wheels bechause of bad road quality and hard wheather conditions (Snow)"

Hope this helps.

CarlE_P439 | July 2, 2013

I have Active Suspension only because of a short but very steep driveway I must traverse on a daily basis. I've had my Model S since last December (I live in New England as well) but never needed the suspension during the snow storms. When snow is that deep I see no reason to drive in it!