Anyone driven from dallas TEXAS to Chicago

Anyone driven from dallas TEXAS to Chicago

Hello proud Tesla owners

I am considering taking my tesla model s with 85 battery for a drive from dallas to Chicago over the weekend and was wondering if anyone has done this trip and suggestions on stopovers for charging.

The trip is around 985 miles which would require at least 2 stops on way for super chargers.

Any tips on where to stop for charging on sat & sun would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your response


Rocky_H | July 25, 2014

That's going to be a little rough. Either way it would need to be two days at least. Look over the routes on to see what charging places are available along these routes.

I see two kind of reasonable routes. Both would start with I-35 up to OK City, where you'll need a long charge:

Continue North to the Supercharger in Salina KS if you want to get to that fast fill-up. (Probably need a short charge stop in Wichita or something to make that leg.) Then, since you got a fast fill-up, maybe get in some more miles to an overnight charge around Topeka. Then you can figure out a midday charging stop somewhere on the way to the Normal, IL Supercharger.

The other route is more direct, but doesn't get to a Supercharger along the way. From OK City, just follow I-44 Northeast to St. Louis and then up to Normal, IL. There are some people with shared Tesla high power wall chargers fairly evenly spaced along there, so that would probably be your best bet.

BlueS | July 29, 2014

I was looking at a similar trip. Unfortunately, its not practical right now. The superchargers North of Dallas just don't exist yet. And, the type 2 public chargers are few and far between (and take an hour to charge 29 miles). The best I could find for a path would spend more than half the trip time stuck at a Blink or Chargepoint charger. There really needs to be a couple superchargers in the midwest before its even close to feasible. At the moment, its not even practical to get to Tulsa or Little Rock, much less St Louis or Chicago. But if you do find something, please post.

Rocky_H | July 29, 2014

I wouldn't even consider car charging stations like Blink or Chargepoint for a trip when there are so many sites with RV outlets. The car chargers aren't even 29 miles per hour of charging. 29 miles is about what you get from a 14-50 outlet, which is sending 40 amps. Car charging stations are almost always on a 40 amp circuit, which is sending 32 amps. So you would probably get more like 23 miles. With either of these, you looking at basically spending 2X the time charging as you are driving. At least if you can use HPWC, it's more like a 1 to 1 ratio.

Grinnin'.VA | July 29, 2014

It's sad.

But help IS on the way. By the end of this year, this trip should be practical.

I've been anxiously waiting for SCs to fill the gaps along I-70 from the PA turnpike to Denver. That too, doesn't arrive until later this year.

Ron :)