Anyone made the drive from Dallas to Austin on 1 charge?

Anyone made the drive from Dallas to Austin on 1 charge?

Looks like it should be possible, but wondering if anyone has made the drive from Dallas to Austin on a single 85 charge? Google Maps says it is about 215 miles.

jat | April 16, 2013

I'm not in TX any more, but I wouldn't think you would have any problem at all. Setting cruise on 70 should get you there with a good margin, though if you have to run the AC a lot you might have to slow down a couple mph. I made 240mi with AC on driving 64, and 220mi at 73-74.

sbrizius | April 16, 2013

You can always stop at a Level 2 charger for lunch. It will not fill you up like a SuperCharger, but it might make you feel more comfortable. Looks like there is a Blink charger in Hillsboro. Also looks like there a lot of Chargepoints when you get closer to Austin.

Brian H | April 16, 2013

A tradeoff between distance, speed, and comfort -- if you're "on the edge".

dallas.dunlap | April 17, 2013

I did it last week in my 60kw.. It is a little tough on a 60, I think the 85 should be no problem. I drove up there from north Austin, stopped in Hillsboro at the blink for about an hour (21 miles/hr charge), wife hit Gap and we walked to Starbucks, then charged in highland park while we ate dinner before getting to Plano.

On the return trip, picked up the car at the DFW valet fully charged, drove to Humperdinks south of the airport to top off over lunch, then made the entire trip to north Austin. Southbound was easier than northbound, but I also stuck to 55-60..

With a 60kw, I probably will stick to only Austin-Hou trips until a temple/Hillsboro SC arrives.

Safe travels!