Audio Formats - Is WMA Supported?

Audio Formats - Is WMA Supported?

Does anyone know for sure if the current Model S audio system support standard Windows Media Audio (WMA) format? Thanks in advance for any information you can share... | July 2, 2013

While only MP3, MP4 and AAC (without DRM) are documented, it also supports WAV and FLAC files.

WMA is a Microsoft format, and is rarely seen outside of Windows or other Microsoft products. It's possible to license it, but they used to charge large licensing fees that sort of doomed the format. I think it's now free, so it's always possible it could be included in the future, but I sort of doubt it.

I had all my library in WMA and converted it all to FLAC a more popular, DRM free, lossless format.

Schlermie | July 2, 2013

Yes. WMA is supported. I have some WMA files on a flash drive that play without any problems.

Icehockeyplayer | July 2, 2013

Cool deal and I'll take a flash drive down to my local Tesla store to verify. Hopefully the Tesla team is listening to these posts. WMA support is in a ton of stuff. If no license is required for WMA playback, it would be a "customer friendly" gesture to add the support into the audio system of Model S. I have over 8000 CDs in my media library, and having to re-convert all of them would be a major pain. Hopefully they will play as is...

cloroxbb | July 2, 2013

You took lossy files and converted them to lossless? What was the point besides taking up more space?

brandtlings | July 2, 2013

WMA has a lossless format, just takes more space. My music library is in lossless WMA. Need to try it in the car...

cloroxbb | July 2, 2013

Hopefully that is what Tesla Tap was using because the he worded it made it sound like he went "up" to lossless from lossy. I could have interpreted it incorrectly.

murraypetera | July 2, 2013

Still missing Apple Lossless :(

diegoaalvarez | July 2, 2013

My experience is the media player WILL play *.wma files (lossy and lossless), but there are hitches and stutters in playback.

I have called customer service to ask if they were going to add support for these files, but have not heard back. (Note: I recall earlier promotional materials indicated they would support wma files). | July 2, 2013

I had lossless WMA and they didn't work (back on 4.1), so I converted to lossless FLAC. It sounds like they may have added some WMA support since I tested it, but I've never seen it as a documented format from Tesla. Of course FLAC is not documented either, but it does play flawlessly.

That would be nice if lossless WMA is now supported. I'm sure it would save some users a lot of conversion work.

brandtlings | July 2, 2013

I for one would really like that! | July 2, 2013

Ok, I just ripped a new lossless WMA file and it seems to play fine with v4.5.

I did notice if you select a different position within the song, it took anywhere from 1-10 seconds to resume at the new spot. I don't remember seeing this with other formats, but this is a really minor issue and have more to do with Microsoft's codec than Tesla.

RZitrin1 | July 2, 2013

WMA has been supported since late October, when I got my car. There are occasional hitches and pops, but most files play fine.

I have a mixed collection, about 120 GB in size, partly mp3s, some WMAs, which are older. Everything plays without difficulty. | July 2, 2013

@rzitrin - Not a big deal, but did you try lossless WMA back in October? I'm quite sure I tried it in February and it ignored the files. I think I was on v4.1, but it might have been 4.2. I've never tried the lossy versions of WMA, so perhaps that worked before.